Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Amsterdam North: A Little Catch Up at the Restaurant De Smederij of Brooklyn Hotel

Bru and I were supposed to have ‘High Tea’ at a palace in the eastern part of the Netherlands but unfortunately they were fully booked on the Saturday that we were going to meet. She needed to go to Amsterdam anyway for some errands so we decided to meet in the capital instead. This time in the north.

I have been in the recent years a fan of Amsterdam North. The area is slowly going through a facelift revolution from being an industrial terrain into becoming a commercial hotspot. We needed a good place to catch up so I looked around the net. A place where it is comfy, not too crowded, not noisy at all and highly conducive to talk. I was eyeing a few hip places but they were the opposite of what I was looking for. Then I stumbled upon Brooklyn Hotel, which is now owned by Hilton at NSDM Square. It’s resident restaurant is called Restaurant De Smederij (Black Smith) because the place used to be a Black Smith’s shop. Now that is a great example of an industrial to commercial revolution.

We both quite liked the ambiance of the restaurant. It has different types of nooks and areas. We eyed the dark classical lounge seating area with leather armchairs and an electric fireplace. This part of the restaurant is indeed very conducive to talk.

We ordered some wine and a smoothie and a vegetarian ‘Sharing Plank’ of bread, hummus, pesto and baba ganoush. So Bru and I were finally able to catch up! I love catching up with girlfriends like this. Over some wine, a little bit of food and peppered with lots of chat and laughs. I prefer an intimate meet with someone I know. I feel awkward meeting new people which is probably the reason why I am bad at making friends.

Nevertheless, Bru has been getting along very well with life in the Dutch countryside. She is now used to driving to work than biking, haha. She’s becoming Dutchified slowly!

We’ll catch up again soon after the summer holidays.

A cool wooden space divider.

Bru didn't like their smoothie as it had yoghurt in it. She preferred the only fruits smoothie. 

A nice catch up in front of the (fake) fireplace.

Sharing Plank of bread with pesto, baba ganoush and hummus.

Bru and moi of course =)

Hello Amsterdam Magazine is the magazine for cool hotspots in the city. I managed to pick a few cool addresses.

The restaurant has many unique nooks which fits well for every ocassion.

Visit Period: May 2015
Destination: Amsterdam North (Amsterdam), The Netherlands

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