Thursday, August 13, 2015

Basic Trapezaki Beach in Kefalonia, Greece

Trapezaki Beach is the nearest beach from our apartment in Moussata. It is perhaps one of the most raw and basic beaches in the area. Raw because there are really no facilities here. There are no sunbeds and parasols. Very few people come here. The only thing you have on the beach is one restaurant, albeit a very chic restaurant if I may add.

We stayed here at Trapezaki Beach one afternoon, and although it is as basic as it can get, there are areas on the beach shore that you can camp and hide away from the sun. It's a good change of atmosphere I guess for a day. Sometimes you just need the basic things in life to enjoy and get through the day. Other times you want a little bit of luxury.

Clearly this afternoon at Trapezaki is one of those basic days. Although later in the evening we dined at the chic restaurant, so it is all in all a good combination of both.

My pictures of the chic restaurant to follow after this!

Moussata village where we staying for the holiday to Trapezaki Beach area. Just click on the + and - to zoom in and out. Trapezaki Beach is very near to Lourdata Beach.

This is a beach for those who want some privacy.

I found some shade under the big bushes and rocks. I have ugly toes because of wearing high heels at a very early age. 

Shots from the water.

 I have learned to love sleeping on the beach. It's beautiful and relaxing.

Travel Period: June-July 2015
Destination: Trapezaki, Leviathos (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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