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Big Waves on Myrtos Beach (Kefalonia, Greece)

If you have not seen the aerial panoramic view of Myrtos Beach, please go here to appreciate this stunning beauty: Myrtos Beach: Stunning View from the Top

Naturally the Dutchman and I cannot just stand from the lookout point of Myrtos, we have to go down and experience the beach for ourselves. The drive down was breath taking. We rode on the snaky road taking in the beautiful view of the white beach and the tableau of glowing cobalt and turquoise blue hues of the Ionian Sea. The colours of the water in Myrtos were quite unique, something that I have never ever seen before. They look rather mysterious.

As we reached the beach, we quickly noticed the colour of the beach flag near the lifeguard lookout post. It is red. A red flag on the beach means it is a warning and conditions are not good for swimming. We walked much closer to the beach shore looking for a place to lay out our beach towels. We saw big waves. Gigantic waves. They sounded angry, ready to devour anything and anybody that comes along their way.

There were almost nobody swimming except a few guys who remained on the coastline. They were playing with the waves every time they hit the shore. Dutchman thought he could give the waves a try but came back rather quickly informing me they were very dangerous. So we just sat on the beach and watched the strong surge of waves and everyone else.

Then there was this cocky English guy laying beside us who was very curious about the waves. He was very brave enough to jump into the sea, only to come back in a few minutes with a hideous bloodied eye. Lots of blood dripping from his eye and through his fingers, as he tried to shield the wounded eye with his hand. It was not a pretty sight at all. His wife anxiously helped him while onlookers stare with their mouths wide open. You see, the wave currents are very powerful and if you get caught in between, you will be rolled, churned over and crashed, just like a pair of pants inside a humongous washing machine. In addition, because of the strong rush of waters, they usually come with a lot of debris in the form of rocks and pebbles. I bet this guy was hit with a big pebble on his eye.

The incident made an impression on a group of guys playing with the waves on the shore. They retreated back to their beach towels on the sand. Good idea I reckon.

Anyway, it is not fun to sit under the 30C+ sun on the beach without a parasol. Luckily I have my straw hat with me and we only stayed here for an hour and a half.

As you can see, the beach flag is red.

Myrtos Beach.

The colours of the Ionian Sea here are glowing cobalt and turquiose blue.

Unfortunately we could not swim here because the waves were too rough.

This old lady stood there for like half an hour mesmerised by the waves.

Just look at those waves. Beautiful yet dangerous.

Too hot here! I think it must have been above 30C.

This is one of my favourite pictures that I took here on Myrtos Beach.

There are actually many guys that have hairs on their shoulders and back, mostly men from from Middle Eastern backgrounds.

I am not a fan of sunbathing but I do not mind a few minutes under the sun. Here I stayed a record of 1.5 hours under the sun! Well, with a straw hat on my head.

Lots of posers here for pictures =)

Travel Period: June-July 2015
Destination: Myrtos, Pylaros (Kefalonia Island - Ionian Islands), Greece

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