Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cologne, Germany: Sleeping in a Former Monastery | Breakfast in a Chapel (Hopper Hotel St. Josef)

I found this hotel from a colleague who suggested it to me. It is just near the office, about a 5-minute walk, the building has some interesting history, the hotel is modern in design and facilities, price includes breakfast and they have a promo. Just perfect.

It’s a very comfortable design hotel. I quite liked my stay here. The interior is designed based on function, simplicity and neatness. Every little amount of space is used and you will see that in the pictures below. I have a degree in Interior Design (which these days I do not do anything about) so I am always amused when I see a well thought of design of a space.

Hopper Hotel St. Josef is a former monastery and charity house for impoverished children run by sisters from the Schwestern der Christlichen Liebe order from Paderborn. They called this place before—Josefhaus. They used to run nurseries here and feed poor schoolchildren. It is also a needlework school for young girls, as well as home for young women. It was in 2009 when the charity foundation building was turned into a hotel. The designers managed to preserve the main architectural details of the building as well as the beautiful little chapel with neo Gothic vaulted ceilings where breakfasts are served.

I am remembered of my stay in the southern part of the Netherlands in Bosschenhoofd a few years ago where Dutchman and I had breakfast in a beautiful chapel.

At the lobby reception and bar.

At the little yet stunning library-reading corner of the hotel.

I really like this room, so modern, clean and airy.

Functional design at its finest. The iron, ironing board, fridge and garbage are hidden inside the cabinets. The same thing goes in the bathroom as well.

The wooden thing beside the TV is actually a working desk. You just pull it out and then turn on the light inside. You use the end of the bed as your chair.

I love hotels that have figure-length mirrors. I think they should be a must. 

In the bathroom, the tissues are built-in, as well as the soap and the hairdryer. It just gives the room a very neat look when all the attributes are placed back in their compartments.

The toilet on the other hand offers some interesting scenery =)

View down to the outdoor terrace of the restaurant from my balcony early in the morning.

Even if you are drunk, you will never miss your room. Your room number is at your doorstep. Cool huh!

A peek into the chapel from the loft bridge.

 Beautiful golden staircase.

A holy breakfast in the chapel =)

Normally I eat only fruits in the morning, but when I am travelling for work, I tend to eat breakfasts and skip lunch, then I just eat a fruit and cracker snack in the afternoon.

Pretty hotel is it not?

Travel Period: August 2015
Destination: Cologne (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany

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