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Germany’s Red Wine Trail: Hike from Ahrweiler to Marienthal

The Red Wine Trail or ‘Rotweinwanderweg’ of Germany is approximately 35 kilometres. The trail stretches from Alternahr all the way to Sinzig (or vice versa) in the Ahr Valley (the nearest big city is Bonn). The best panoramic views are between Bad Neuenahr-Ahweiler and Rech.

The Ahr Valley is actually the smallest wine region of Germany. Ahr wines are rare outside Germany so if you come here--drink! The area is quite popular amongst the locals but not many foreigners and non-German travellers know about this place. But now you know! =)

The whole 35 kilometres Red Wine Trail from Altenahr to Sinzig (or vice versa).

I was there last March this year on a long weekend getaway and lucky me it was a beautiful hot long weekend. Quite hot actually for an end of winter month. Walking the Red Wine Trail does not really offer the hiker the luxury of lush trees and shady areas for a quick refuge. When you are on the trail you just have the trail, the vineyard expanse and the sun. But bad weather days doesn’t also offer some consolation.

Now I initially thought of doing the Ahrweiler wine trail to Altenahr, and then when I reach Altenahr I will take the train back to Ahrweiler, afterwhich I am going to go to the spa for some needed freshening up and relaxation. Sounds like a good plan.

As I ventured out on the hiking trail I somehow got lost in Walporzheim. I followed a group of girls and ended up near the village. I had to ask a couple for assistance and they told me to go back to the main trail. Why have I not thought about that? Nevertheless, after half an hour walking I realised that it really is so hot. I also developed a bad headache. I was not enjoying the walk anymore. I had to wrap the scarf I have around my head to protect myself from the sun and give my head some cooling as well.

I thought to myself that I will definitely not survive the hike all the way to Altenahr, what with the headache that is beginning to take control, so I changed plans and decided to hike only to Dernau and then back to Ahrweiler. The good thing is, my hotel literally sits on the Red Wine Trail. I can even see it from my bathroom. On the way back I have never been so happy seeing my hotel!

These pictures I took during the hike from Ahrweiler to Marienthal where I had a pitstop at the Marienthal Monastery Winery (Weingut Kloster Marienthal) for a chilled Riesling and some soft cheese.

I will post the rest of my hike pictures from Marienthal to Dernau and back to Ahrweiler next.

The best views trail is between Rech and Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler.

The plains in Ahrweiler.

I followed these girls and did a detour to Walporzheim. So to get back on the wine trail track I went back to the plains.

Not sure anymore if this was Ahrweiler or Walporzheim village below the trail.

It is a very scenic trail, just too bad that the vine leaves haven't grown yet. They come out in spring. I was a month too early.

A glimpse of Marienthal village.

Isn't it just stunning here?

My hiking companions. I don't know them really but we seem to be trailing each other, haha. In this picture I was trailing behind them but on other times, they were behind me.

So hot. Quite glad I had this scarf to help cool off my head. I developed a headache which is always a result when  I am overexposed to the sun.

I noticed that the grapevine branches were shaped like a heart.

The little wine village of Marienthal.

Travel Period: March 2015
Destination: Ahrweiler (Rhineland Platinate), Germany

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