Saturday, August 01, 2015

Lunch in Harajuku (Tokyo, Japan): Chicken Curry Paste w/ Rice and Udon Noodles

So back again in Tokyo last November...

We were eyeing a traditional restaurant in Harajuku in one of the many small streets in the neighbourhood, however, most of the restaurants only accepts cash or you order through the vending machine ordering system which works only with cash as well. The problem is, we were low in cash so we want to pay with the credit card. After a little bit of walking around we found this modern restaurant on a small alley in between the shops. They have the card logos outside the door.

We were not sure what to order but they offer lunch sets. We picked one of the lunch sets they have which is a bowl of dry Chicken Curry with Rice, an Udon Noodle Soup and some side salad. Quite heavy for lunch methinks! But I am glad I have the Dutchman with me to help devour my bowls.

I wish I knew the Japanese names of these dishes...

The restaurant is near Harajuku St., its on the area across the famous Takeshita Street.

Dutchman checking out the transport system so we know how to get back to the hotel.

Some dry curry chicken paste thing with lettuce on rice.

Side salad

Udon noodle soup which was good but glad the Dutchman ate all the noodles for me as I am not that fond of thick Udon.

Travel Period: November 2014
Destination:Harajuku, Shinjuku (Tokyo), Japan

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