Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rech: The Little Wine Village in Ahrweiler, Germany

Rech is one of the wine villages in the district of Ahrweiler and its part of the Red Wine Trail (rotweinwanderweg).

I did not hike from Ahrweiler to Rech though, instead I took the car to visit Altenahr and Rech, and this was the next day after the hike I did to Dernau and back. If I am not able to hike to the other wine villages, might as well drive it =)

The village is famous for its oldest surviving stone bridge in the Ahr Valley.

There are a few wineries here, as well as hotels, cafes and restaurants. It is a picturesque little wine village that one should not miss in the valley. A quick stroll here, maybe a relaxing lunch or even just a drink would be a good thing to do here in Rech.

The oldest bridge in the Ahr Valley.

A very nice outdoor cafe terrace on the River Ahr.

A terraced vineyard on the hilly terrain of Rech.

Very peaceful and beautiful here.

Travel Period: March 2015
Destination: Rech, Ahrweiler (Rhineland Platinate), Germany

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