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Staying Like a Local at the Abbey House (Abigail's Parlour) in Bath, England

One of the things that I love about during my visit in Bath, England was the apartment I stayed in.

Abigail’s Parlour is a 1-bedroom apartment located in the Abbey House, which is a historical listed building in the Abbey Green just beside the Roman Baths and the Bath Abbey. This place could not have been so central and perfect for me. I was right in the middle of everything!

The apartment is small yet good enough for 1 or 2 persons. It has high ceilings and large French windows that looks out to the Abbey Green. It is a very elegant place.

The whole experience here felt like I have my own little place in the centre of Bath. Like I am being one with the locals. Like I am actually living here, haha. That’s what staying in an apartment in the centre of town can feel like right? You can really soak up the local atmosphere.

In the mornings I would wake up to a very different Bath—quiet, fresh and devoid of the crowds. I am seeing the raw Bath and it gives me a very nice warm fuzzy feeling that I can experience Bath like this, before all the day tourists arrive to take a part of her. There are die hard tour groups though that arrive just before 09:00 and what an interesting way to observe them from up in my apartment.

Because of the living like a local sense of feeling and familiarity, I decided not to eat out on the first night. I want to eat in whilst looking out to the view of Abbey Green through the large French windows. I then want to sit on the couch and surf the net whilst watching TV, having my evening cup of tea and checking out all the passersby.

I was really quite happy to have chosen this place for my time in Bath. It was a lovely experience.

The Abbey House is a listed building on Abbey Green.

The cosy bedroom. I slept soundly here... and I like it that I have 5 pillows.

The toilet and bathroom.

I love the high ceiling and large French windows. My view is the Abbey Green.

The kitchen was well furnished.

Looking out the window to Abbey Green and to the ancient plane tree planted in 1790. The locals called it the 'Hanging Tree' because people were hanged here before.

The hallway and staircase of Abbey House.

My very light dinner that I bought at Marks n Spencers are both salads (bean mix and yellow rice with paprika and dried tomatoes). I went vegan on my first night. I also bought a glass of Rose wine and the cashier asked me for my ID! *flattered*

The evenings were spent looking out the window watching people go in and out of the Crystal Palace Pub and pass by Abbey Green.

The bedroom at night.

My early morning simple breakfast.

I checked out the group of early bird tourists below the apartment.

That building with the brown door and terrace with balustrades is the Roman Baths. Behind the Abbey House is the Bath Abbey itself already. I took this picture form my kitchen window.

My last breakfast in Bath, plus some salad leftovers.

You can see the Abbey House behind the big ancient plane tree on Abbey Green.

Travel Period: March 2015
Destination: Bath, Somerset (South West – England), United Kingdom

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