Monday, August 03, 2015

Utrecht City Beach: Strand Oog in Al (SOIA)

This summer has been so meager for us here in the Netherlands. I am not complaining though because I prefer mild to cold summers than hot ones. That is strange from someone born in the tropics =)

In Utrecht we have a city beach and it is located in Oog in Al in the western part of the city. The beach is called Strand Oog in Al (SOIA) on the corner of Merwedekanaal and Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal which is duly fitted with real sand to create the summer beach look and atmosphere. Dutchman and I were here last June. We were just checking out the place to see what its like.

Because it was a beautiful weather day, the city beach was of course full!

This city beach is only open during spring, summer and autumn. When it is bad weather, which seems to happen the whole time in the Netherlands, you can pretty much guess what the place looks like. The other weekend when it was grey and raining, we passed by the area, and sad to say, the beach was not really a very encouraging sight at all.

Now this city beach is for everyone. There is a children's playground which is just perfect for families. There are also dance and music events which would do well with the young generation. For those who just want to chill out (such as the Dutchman and moi), this is also a great place. It was a bit crowded when we were there but it was crowded in a nice day.

Here are the house rules:

Here is the location of the beach on the map of Utrecht:

It is just 11 minutes with the car from Utrecht Centraal Station, or 15 minutes with the bike.

They bring in loads of sand here to recreate the beach look.

I want that big pillow as well!

As large cargo ships pass by here, wwimming is not allowed in the canal. This man-made canal connects the Rhine River and Amsterdam.

The Douwe Egberts (DE) coffee factory is just across the canal on Keulsekade.

Cool for family day outing.

There was dancing inside.

Ordering at the bar.

Some days, especially in the weekends there are shows and DJ's here.

My new favourite beer: Amstel Radler. It is a citrusy beer, great for those who need to drink and drive as it is only 2% alcohol. It´s like soda beer.

Citrusy beer + sate (satay) + atjar tjampoer + kropek (prawn crackers).

SOIA - Strand Oog in Al. Strand is beach in Dutch.

The children's playground.

Visit Period: June 2015
Destination: Utrecht West (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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