Monday, September 21, 2015

Breakfast at Haneda Airport: Natto, Sashimi & Raw Octopus

This was during one of my transfers last year 2014. I have just arrived at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo from Manila. My next flight is not until 4 hours later at the Haneda Domestic Airport which means I have to take the shuttle bus outside the airport to get there.

I also wanted to rest a bit my feet. I was just recovering from Pneumonia that sent me to a week in the hospital and I need to take care of myself and not exert too much effort. Moreover, I was craving for some raw fish so I searched for a place to sit down, relax and eat.

I found this restaurant amongst the cluster of restaurants just above the check-in counters. It was dawn, very early in the morning and this is one of the very few restaurants that operate on a 24-hour basis.

Well, I had the place all to myself =)

Smoking indoors is still very much allowed in Japan. I used to smoke before but after my Pneumonia sickness I cannot stand smoke. I really had a 360-degree turn.

I have the whole place to my self =)

Here’s what I had for breakfast: A small bowl of sashimi. A little portion of raw octopus and seaweeds, luckily it is not the live version! I also ordered some natto and this dish belongs to the acquired taste category. I do like it and I can see myself eating this a lot if I live in Japan.

Fresh sashimi slices with wasabi.

Raw octopus with seaweeds.

Natto are fermented soybeans. They are very salty and best eaten with rice. The wait staff was very nice, they printed a wikepedia entry about natto for me =). Now that is Japanese style service. Service that does not accept tips! I like that.

The restaurant overlooks the check-in counters of Haneda International Airport.

Travel Period: November 2014
Destination: Ota (Tokyo), Japan

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