Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fate and Crystal Palace Pub in Bath, England

I don’t like going to pubs on my own. I always thought that it’s a place to hang out with other people, and if you are still going anyway that means that you are open to meet people. Strangers. Although the opposite sex might think you want to be picked up =) *eyes rolling*

In England though, and I guess all over the United Kingdom, the pub is like an extension of the living room. The local neighbourhood go there to eat, drink and gossip. So if you are a foreigner or visitor, you will notice that everyone seem to know each other. In bigger cities it may be different as many people come and go compared to the regular mainstays.

Now I came here at Crystal Palace pub as I am supposed to meet an English man who I know from a forum almost a decade ago. He is married to a Filipina and they wanted to meet. I left a message on Facebook to meet him (his wife is working in the evening at a hotel nearby) at the Crystal Palace pub but I guess he didn’t see my message on time.

I spent however the time at Crystal Palace productively. Writing postcards and drinking a pint. I always send postcards to family and a dear friend. It has become a tradition.

Nevertheless, fate had its own ways and we bumped into each other at the Abbey Cathedral. He has been looking for me! And I am glad he recognised me quickly. I tell you, the pictures do not lie haha. We then decided to go to his wife’s workplace and have tea there.

So you see, everything worked out in the end. Fate =)

The pub has a nice and cosy living room set up complete with a fireplace.

Writing postcards and a pint.

It was Mothers Day weekend.

The Crystal Palace pub is located on Abbey Green where my studio apartment (the Abbey House) is situated as well. It is in fact my view when I am watching the TV in the evening.

Here is moi having a selfie in my studio apartment's living room during the day and you can see the Crystal Palace pub in the background:

Travel Period: March 2015
Destination: Bath, Somerset (South West – England), United Kingdom

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