Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hanging Out at the Metaxa Beach Bar in Skala, Kefalonia

This is one of our summer holdiay afternoons on Kefalonia in the Greek Islands.

An afternoon in Skala Beach at the Metaxa Beach Bar with the Dutchman. We chose this place because the beach bar is not very far from the beach itself. There was music obviously at the beach bar and we want some of those cool sounds wafting in our ears, as we enjoy the beach and lay down on our sunbeds. I also wanted to order some Greek Salad and perhaps some drinks.

The thing with Skala Beach is that it is a big and massive stretch of a sandy beach. It is a very touristy beach area of Kefalonia, however second only to Lassi and Platis Gialos in Argostolion. Most of the sunbeds and parasols here in Skala Beach are detached from their beach bars and restaurants which are mostly located across the street. You would have to walk and cross the street to reach the bar. The Metaxa Beach Bar however was the only one that is somewhat attached or near the beach and the sunbeds.

So we had a lovely afternoon here of doing nothing much. Although I managed to swim, sleep and read the Bernini Mysterie (Angels & Demons which the movie I have seen several years ago already), an old book of Dan Brown.

Our scooter ride from Moussata to Skala.

Green and orange is a very summery combination.

We could hear the cool music coming from the bar. We like that.

A little Greek Salad snack from the beach bar.

The sunbeds with this straw parasol were more expensive than the green and orange parasols. I realised later why. The straw parasol (which we took) shielded us from the sun better than the green and orange ones.

For 1 Euro you can rent this box and store your stuff such as wallet, phone and sunglasses securely... whilst you swim for example in the beach.

The new beach crave is SUP (Stand Up Paddling), however this guy gave this SUP a different edge, he did his own version of KDP (Knee Down Paddling), hehe.

This has got to be my favourite picture among this set. Taken from the beach bar.

Almost at the end of the day here...

Travel Period: June-July 2015
Destination: Skala, Eleios-Pronnoi (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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