Monday, September 07, 2015

Lorraine’s Magic Hill Restaurant has the Best Views in Lourdas Beach (Kefalonia, Greece)

The restaurant sits on top of a hill overlooking Lourdas (Lourdata) Beach. No one can beat the view here during the day and in the evening as well.

We sat outside on the terrace and we had a really nice ambiance going for us. Dutchman and I found this place very relaxing, romantic, spacious and laid back.

We ordered a shared starter of Stuffed Peppers filled with mushroom and Feta cheese. For our mains Dutchman had a Chicken Souvlaki whilst I had a Seafood Mix of mussels and squids with paprika. The dish may not look very pretty on the plate but this was one of the best ones I have eaten in Kefalonia.

We really enjoyed our dinner and time here at Lorraine's Magic Hill Restaurant. The food is quite good and affordable. The view and ambience could not have been any better.

The main entrance is on Lourdas beach boulevard.

You can sit inside as well.

View to the beach and the lower part of the restaurant.

Stuffed peppers with mushrooms and feta cheese.

Dutchman's chicken souvlaki with potatoes and rice.

Mussels and squid with paprika.

A must place to visit if you are in the area!

Travel Period: June-July 2015
Destination: Lourdas, Leviathos (Kefalonia – Ionian Islands), Greece

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