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Capital of Kefalonia (Greece): Argostoli

The capital of Kefalonia—Argostoli is perhaps not the most attractive city I have seen and visited in the Greek Islands. It pales in comparison to Kerkyra for example, the capital of Corfu, which is the island we summer holidayed the year previously. Well, I have read about Argostoli before the trip so I was quite prepared. I came with my expectations set low.

And was I glad, because everything that was said was indeed correct. Argostoli is—shall I say, an average city. The centre is small and the places to be are concentrated around a few areas connecting each other. The main area of the city with thick activity is the Vallianou Square (also called as the Argostoli Square) which is ringed with outdoor restaurants and café terraces. This area of town becomes popular in the late afternoon until the evening, especially on Leof Vasileous Georgiou V street where it gets very busy at night and until early morning.

A few blocks away is the only pedestrianized shopping street in town—Lithostrotos Street. I spied a few really nice mid-market boutiques here selling lovely dresses. On this street as well are two churches (Orthodox and Catholic Churches), 2 small squares and several café terraces.

Parallel to Vallianou Square and Lithostrotos shopping street is the Argostoli boulevard where the boats are docked. This is also a nice area to stroll on during twilight. A few of the cruise liners stop by here in Argostoli as well delivering enough day tourists to the city and around the island.

Dutchman and I have been here in Argostoli several times during the holiday, to have dinner and to partake in their nightlife scene. The city is about 20 minutes with the scooter from our holiday apartment in Leviathos.

Map of Argostoli (Argostolion in Greek).

Here are the pictures I took during the days we were in the capital city:

The pretty Leof Vasileos Georgiou V street is adorned with palmeras, bougainvillas and beautiful mansions. This is also the nightlife area of the town. The area near the Vallianou Square has many bars and cafes.

A very nice English ride.

The pedestrianised shopping street of Argostoli -- Lithostrotos.

The Orthodox Church on Lithostrotos shopping street.

I quite like these retro newspaper design A-line dresses. A very Audrey Hepburn - Jackie Kennedy style dress. I was so tempted to buy.

Yours truly in a leopard print sundress with black shawl.

This is another church on Lithostrotos, a Catholic Church.


Bars and cafe terraces on the side streets of Vallianou Square. The popular drink of the locals during the day is the cold Greek frappe.

This velvet sofas are practically placed on the side street. 

From the cafe looking to Lithostrotos street.

Cats everywhere in the island. This cat was giving the other cat a back massage.

A favourite pastime of the boys here is the sporty (BMX) bikes. We had one like this when we were growing up. It was my brother's but I borrowed it from time to time.


Bougainvillas galore. They do remind me of the Philippines.

Tirador or slingshots. Another reminder of my childhood days, although I do not really play this game much. 

One of the very interesting bars and cafes in Argostoli is this one with the lavender bicycles.

Travel Period: June-July 2015
Destination: Argostoli (Kefalonia – Ionian Islands), Greece

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