Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kefalonia, Greece: Nightlife Scene in Argostoli—Leof Vasileos Georgiou V Street

Leof Vasileos Georgiou V Street is not just a street with a very interesting long name but it is also the most posh street of Argostoli city centre.

You will see palmeras and pink flower-bearing bougainvillas lining the streets along stately mansions and houses in pastel colours. The street is connected to Vallianou Square, the main square of the city which is often called as the Argostoli Square as well.

In the evening, this street transforms into an extended outdoor restaurant and nightlife scene of Vallianou Square, but with more a focus on bars. The first few blocks from the square is also closed to traffic. We saw a little outdoor market selling jewelry one evening and it would be nice if they can exploit the closed area from traffic with more market stalls selling special and local handicrafts. There was also a little funfair on the street that occupied a block which was nice for the kids.

Dutchman and I settled at a very busy and trendy bar called Bees Knees (on corner Geroulanou Street) and we were lucky enough to grab a 2-seater chaise lounge. A couple just left when we passed by and Dutchman was quick! An hour and a half of people watching and tasting the nightlife scene was good enough for us.

If you come to Kefalonia and wish to have dinner in the city centre, do drop by this street afterwards and grab a beer, wine or a shot at one of the bars here.

The location:

I took the address of the Bees Knees on Geroulanou Street corner Leof Vasileous Georgiou V Street. You can see it is very near to Vallianou Square and the water boulevard.

The street during the day. 

Bars, cafes and restaurants alongside each other on this street.

An outdoor jewelry and accessories market. I love the vendor's idea of hanging jewelry on a small tree and lighting it up. A very nice attraction on the street. I managed to buy a Greek style laurel leaf bronze ring which could easily be mistaken as gold.

The outdoor terrace of Bees Knees. Quite busy here.

A glass of prosecco and Mythos beer for Dutchman and moi.

Bees Knees is one of the nice and trendy bars here with cool music.

Travel Period: June-July 2015
Destination: Argostoli (Kefalonia – Ionian Islands), Greece

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