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Lunch in Bad-Neuenahr-Ahrweiler: Shrimp & Bacon Salad at Kleinertz and the St. Laurentius Church

Bad-Neuenahr-Ahrweiler are twin towns and the prettiest of the two is hands-down, the fortified old town of Ahrweiler. You can still see some of the stone walls and towers that protected the city before up to this day.

The hotel I stayed at for this holiday is also located in the Ahrweiler area, sitting on top of a vineyard valley overlooking the town.

My salad lunch and the St. Laurentius Church (view from my table) on the Marktplatz.

I decided to have lunch in town and picked the Kleinertz Restaurant & Bar on Marktplatz because its terrace has a great view of the St. Laurentius Church and the market square. Although the sun has moved and shadows cast a large part of the terrace, which in turn sends people away, it didn’t bother me at all. I thought I could use some serious people watching whilst lunching even under the shade. Because we are not always blessed with warm and sunny days in northern Europe, people get crazy when the sun is out. People literally bake themselves under the rays of the sun, whether on the beach, on a café terrace, at the park or in their own balcony and garden at home.

So first things first—I ordered a sparkling Riesling from the Ahr Valley. I needed it =). Then I settled for a garden salad German style with shrimps from the North Sea and slices of bacon. I said German style salad because when I dug into it I realised that a bed of sauerkraut, lentils, soybeans, corn and paprika dressed in their house dressing were hiding under it. I am not a big fan of creamy dressings as I prefer to eat my salads raw, although I do not mind some sprinkling of olive oil sometimes. This however was not too bad.

The Kleinertz Restaurant & Bar is also one of the oldest buildings in town dating back to 1430. The building was owned by the Wymann Family who had ties to the administration of the town.

Now this is one of the things I truly love about Europe. Aside from being surrounded with history, you can eat outside and be part of the environment of the street, the square, the town and the city. There is a very warm and fuzzy feeling when you sit from the comforts of a café terrace and watch everyone and the surroundings before you whilst letting time pass by.

After lunch I visited the St. Laurentius Church on the square.

On the right side of the terrace the sun still shone a bit, so people were concentrated on that area. I did not mind sitting under the shade though. It is April and it is not that cold.

 A glass of sparkling Riesling first. I love bubbles.

Lunch arrived with some bread. Truly German style, this is a huge and heavy salad. I did not have dinner anymore later in the evening because I was still full!

This is what made the salad heavy. A heap of lentils, soybeans, sauerkraut, corn and paprika were hiding under the green salad leaves which were bathed with the restaurant's creamy house dressing.

People love sitting and eating under the sun.

A nice view indeed from my table.

Engraved on the main doors of the St. Laurentius Church on the market square.

The church has some interesting wall and ceiling designs that reminds me of stenciling.

Quite a unique and impressive altar altogether. The cross of Jesus Christ is hanging from the ceiling and suspended above the altar on the nave of the church. A white blanket hanging like a wave of cloud which is suspended as well above the altar serves as its dramatic background.

Floral stencil-like designs on the walls and ceiling.

These happen to be the hand bars on the doors from inside the church. A nazar (evil eye amulet) inside a Roman Catholic Church?

Travel Period: April 2015
Destination: Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Ahrweiler – Rhineland-Platinate), Germany

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