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Montreal: “Last Summer” at Quai de l’Horloge (Clock Tower Quay) and the Yachts, Beach and Views

My first Sunday weekend in Canada was spent in Montreal, Quebec. I actually  stayed for first leg of the holiday somewhere in Ontario province, in the village of Russell, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. I am visiting my niece who is studying at the University of Ottawa for a semester. Although she has been around the outskirts of Montreal city, such as the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (moi as well), she hasn’t really been to the big city itself.

So we decided to spend our Sunday together in Montreal. It’s going to be a first for both of us =)

The City of Montreal is big so we made the easiest decision to first check out the old part—the Old Montreal. We initially planned on going to Mount Royal Parc first, but then thought that we will go there in the evening instead, since we will watch the lunar eclipse and supermoon anyway.

We had a bit of luck getting into the city as the GPS led us straight to the old area and to the old port. Before the trip I did some nosing around Google Maps and learned that Old Montreal is a small area and is located near the old port. As we drove along the main street, we came upon an outdoor parking in the old port area. Ah nice! An outdoor parking right in the heart of Old Montreal, on the Quai de l’Horloge. C’est juste parfait =)

The Quai de l’Horloge is an attraction in itself we realised, so after having parked the car we lingered around a bit here for a while, checking out the boardwalk and the sights around—the harbour, the buildings towering above the yachts, the clock tower, the views and we discovered as well a beach.

AnK (my niece) and I were quite surprised that the beach was empty. Huh. What is going on? It is 24C?!!! I mean we could count the number of people lounging on the beach with our fingers. Where the heck is everybody? No, we were not surprised really, we were perplexed! Haha. We had to laugh about it. Perhaps later in the afternoon people would come trickling in?

That Sunday (the 27th of September) was perhaps the “last summer” in Montreal. It was an exceptional early autumn weekend day of 24C+, really perfect for beach weather time. The beach by the way is called Plage de l’Horloge (site in French only).

We were joking around that if this was in the Netherlands, the parking and the beach would have been filled up by 7 in the morning!

The man-made beach and the yacht harbour on Quai de l ’Horloge. Hmm, I am eyeing those cool apartments across the port. My perfect way of living.

The view to Old Montreal centre from the quay.

The Clock Tower (l ’Horloge) which the boardwalk is named after. The tower is a tribute to the sailors who lost their lives during the First World War.

A few of the beach goers enjoying the sun.

We never really found out why the flag was flying half mast on that day. We wanted to ask a local but  we forgot.

The main part of the beach facing the Jacques-Cartier Bridge (Pont Jacques-Cartier). You can see there are bar points for drinks.

I wouldn't mind living in one of these modern apartments right across the port. I prefer apartment living than a house with a garden. 

Or this apartment suite on top of the red brick building can also suffice. Hmm, will need to find out of its for sale huh?

A day on the beach with 24C weather? This empty beach would never happen in the Netherlands (or anywhere else in Europe) with a 24C weather. People would be swarming like bees here at 7 or 8 in the morning, already securing their place.

The Clock Tower, the board walk and the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. This is a very nice area to stroll on and just to sit down really, just relax and watch life go by.

Travel Period: September 2015
Destination: Montreal (Quebec), Canada

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