Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rich, Greasy, Stuffing "Poutine" for Dinner in Montreal

They say that the birthplace of poutine is somewhere in Quebec, Canada. So I guess it is safe to eat this national dish in Montreal as it is in Quebec. They understand what real poutine is.

AnK (my niece) and I were not really picky in choosing a place to eat this notorious Canadian fatty snack food dish. Poutine is obviously eaten as a snack but it can also be served as a full meal. We later learned that this national dish has many varieties, such as it came with sausages, chicken, onions, meat and more.

Whilst walking on Rue St. Paul (St. Paul Street) earlier during the day, we saw this poutine place called Montreal Poutine that looks quite inviting, so we made sure to note it down for later. True enough, we came back in the evening for our must poutine dosage. For all we know this place could be very touristy, but it’s the easiest one we could fit into our agenda.

So yeah, we are having poutine for dinner! How exciting is that? lol

Inasmuch as we would love to try all the poutine versions, we decided to keep it simple. We went for the original poutine. Just one portion please as we will be sharing it.

The verdict? It is very heavy and filling but I find it quite tasty though. I like the addition of the cheese curds, and the gravy just binds the whole dish together. I would eat this again but not in a week or a month. Perhaps eat this 2x a year, or maybe max 3x a year.

And oh, after thinking much about this dish, I kind of liken poutine to a great after party hangover fix, eaten at 4 o’clock in the morning on the street =)

The place was a bit busy when we arrived. Lots of young people and many were speaking French so I guess it is a local's hangout.

Poutine varieties on the menu and very typical North American thing all taxes are not reflected on the menu prices.

This portion of poutine was just good enough for the 2 of us. We do not need anything else further.

The restaurant is huge and has several sections, even an upstairs dining area. We seated ourselves in the open courtyard. Luckily the weather was lovely that evening.

Travel Period: September 2015
Destination: Old Montreal (Quebec), Canada

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