Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Heart of Old Montreal: Place Jacques-Cartier

Trivia: Did you know that Jacques Cartier was the explorer who claimed Canada for France in 1535?

We had lunch here at Jardin Nelson.

Place Jacques-Cartier (Jacques Cartier Square) is perhaps the most popular spot in Montreal where people gather together. The place has a European feel with Parisian style buildings and outdoor terraces during the warmer months.

If you are new to Montreal, the Jacques-Cartier Square should be the first thing in your agenda. I am sure it will perk you up and make you eager to further discover the city. There’s live music and street entertainment here. Paintings on sale and artists waiting to create your portrait which all reminds me of Montmartre in Paris. Colourful café terraces line the side streets where you can dine alfresco and people watch. It’s quite a lively and dynamic place during the day that one should not miss if they are visiting the city for the first time.

Today I was just talking to my mother in law about Montreal, and I told her that the city is a great example of Europe meets modern America. Montreal has a flair of both worlds which makes it a very exciting place to visit and live as well.

Place Jacques-Cartier on the map.

It's a lovely 24C late September weekend day in Montreal. Everyone is out and about.

The flowers are still in bloom. Montreal has many of these large colour flower pots located around Old Montreal quarter.

Place Jacques-Cartier slopes down and it is the entrance to the old port.

You cannot miss this ice cream, candy, souvenir and most importantly, everything about MAPLE shop on the square. My niece and I bought an ice cream here.

Watching a live show on the square.

Perhaps a "Just Married" Asian couple gallivanting the streets of Old Montreal.

Someone left a large plastic bag full of fortune cookies on the corner of Jacques-Cartier Square.

A street artist entertaining the crowd.

Travel Period: September 2015
Destination: Old Montreal (Montreal – Quebec), Canada

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