Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Delicious Crunchy Thai Snacks

To all the pork snack lovers =)! Well I love beef, fish and all kinds of seafood snack but it just so happens that the Thai snacks we saw and bought were mostly pork.

Rice cracker with pork floss and crispy pork sheet.

If you want to say delicious in Thai, you say "Aroi mak mak". I think Thailand does not need any introduction when it comes to its cuisine. It is loved by many of us.

In Bangkok, I went totally gaga on these aroi mak mak crunchy Thai snacks.

They are sold in supermarkets and in many open and indoor market stalls all over the city. They usually go between 80-100 Baht per pack (normal size). The bigger ones go between 150-300 Baht depending on the snack.

Spicy pork jerky and some crunchy fish sheet snack. Both are a hit!

This is my carry on bag. I have more in my luggage =)

Shredded pork with onion and Crispy pork sheet snack.

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Bangkok, Thailand

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