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Lunching in Sultanahmet Istanbul at Faros: Saksuka, Yukfa & Tea

The Sultanahmet area in Fatih district, which is the old area of Istanbul is always teeming with people. This is because the main tourist attractions of the city are located here within just walking distance from each other. This area is also a very nice place to sit down, enjoy some people watching, drink tea and taste Turkish cuisine.

I have just visited the Basilica Cistern and was on an early lunch break before proceeding to visit the famous Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) in the afternoon. I just want to sit down and relax. The long queue at the Basilica Cistern and going around there for an hour is making my legs tired. I am not that hungry too but I am craving for something savoury and hearty.

Whilst walking down the busy Divan Yulo Cadesi (this is the main street in Sultanahmet where the trams run on), I spied this charming and lively small pedestrian turned outdoor terrace street—Bestekar Osman Sokak. The tables with red and white plaid at Faros Restaurant Café were beckoning me. Oh dear, I can’t say no! Haha.

So I ended up here and chose a table where it is strategic for me to people watch other diners, passers-by and the goings on the main street. Because I am in Turkey, I settled for a hot tea—black tea, nothing fancy as apple tea and whatnot, and no sugar as well. I never drink my hot tea with sugar. For lunch I settled for the popular Turkish aubergine appetiser—Şakşuka with some warm Yufka bread. Very, very nice! If you want a light (vegetarian) lunch, search for this on the menu.

The Turkish kitchen is loaded with aubergine recipes. One of my favourites is the Imam Bayildi. I may need to whip up some aubergine dish this week at home.

On this street (Bestekar Osman Sokak), you will find more outdoor café terraces. It is a nice area of Sultanahmet if you want to have a drink, eat or enjoy some water pipe relaxation. I took some pictures of the area after lunch and you can find them all below the entry.

 A glass of hot tea, Turkish style. You can also order cold tea which they often serve in apple flavour.

Yours truly with my lunch that just arrived.

Saksuka (made of satueed aubergine, onions, carrots, zucchini, paprika and tomatoes) is usually served as appetiser.

Yukfa bread, this is delicious as it was still warm when it was served.

Bestekar Osman Sk is one of those charming streets full of outdoor terraces in Sultanahmet.

Locals enjoying some tea and camaraderie.

A great place to people watch =)

A busy Divan Yulo Cadesi just across Sultanahmet Park.

Travel Period: May 2015
Destination: Fatih, Istanbul (Marmara), Turkey

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