Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Turkish Cuisine: Tavukgöğsü Kazadibi - Caramelised Chicken Breast Milk Pudding?

You know I am a curious cat. I know that Turkish cuisine is famous for its sweets and desserts. Turkish Delights and Baklava will haunt you on every corner of the city. Fine, I give in! But let me choose the dessert, alright?

And so I did. A local pudding called Tavukgöğsü Kazadibi which has some chicken breast stock in it. Well, the menu actually said it has some real chicken pieces in it. Interesting.

The waiter at Bolulu Hasan Usta Sut Tatlilari, a patisserie and pudding speciality cafe shop on Istiklal Street recommended this to me when I asked him which dessert I should try that truly represents Turkey. So yes, he picked this pudding for me, he said it is very traditional and tasty. I could not refuse when he confirmed that chicken is really part of the recipe. My curiosity piqued and I want to try this chicken pudding! Ahora mismo. Pronto.

Are you curious or are your tastebuds saying yuck? =)

This actually tasted very good. Not too sweet compared to the honey dripping baklava. I even managed to finish half of this, which is already a feat, well with the help of the espresso of course.

I highly recommend Tavukgöğsü Kazadibi!

Caramelised Chicken Breast Milk Pudding. I did not know what to expect.

This is actually my midnight snack =) and as you can see it is full of activity outside on Istiklal Street.

This has my thumbs up. If you visit Turkey, try this! It actually doesn't take like chicken at all.

Travel Period: May 2015
Destination: Beyoglu, Istanbul (Marmara), Turkey

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