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Bangkok Snacking: Thai Spring Rolls (Po Pia Tod) + Sticky Rice Mango (Khao Niao Mamuang) and Street Scenes

After my parents and I have visited the Grand Palace, we were craving for some relaxing time with something to eat and drink, far away from the heat and human chaos.

Our experience at the Grand Palace was a mixture of pleasure and disgust. Pleasure for having seen beautiful grand palatial Thai architecture and disgust from the frenzied activity there. Having too many people around you makes you tired, and combine that with the heat? It is the best recipe to just go somewhere low key and chill off.

We found this Thai café and restaurant just across the Grand Palace. My mom is mobility challenged—she walks with a cane that converts into a stool (cool huh?), so I had to always search for places within a radius of 200 metres. We got lucky with this one as it was not full.

We ordered a sharing snack of 2 portions of Po Pia Tod (Thai Spring Rolls), a plate of Khao Niao Mamuang (Sticky Rice Mango) and some cold drinks (ice coffee and honey lemon tea). We didn’t realise that the spring roll servings were big. Had we known we would have ordered just 1 portion instead of 2.

I love Thai Spring Rolls because of its filling: glass noodles and oodles of fresh vegetables. The Sticky Rice and Mango is also a favourite of mine, having grown up with this in Cebu, Philippines as our Sunday breakfast.

This was a nice afternoon lunch and light snack =)

Paired with iced coffee and honey lemon tea.

I have no idea what the name of the restaurant is in English, but it is located just across the Grand Palace main gate (left).

The senior citizen parents having a discussion on what to order.

Sticky Rice and ripe Mango. Always a good idea when in Thailand.

Thai Spring Rolls with sweet and sour sauce and peppermint. Those peppermints are great to eat with the spring rolls.

Oh yes! I need some =)

There is more room upstairs I believe.


Beside the restaurant I found a general store and a post office. Just perfect, I was able to buy some postcards and send them off. Do you send postcards to family and friends when travelling?

Taxis in Bangkok are pink, so are some of the buses.

Local policemen having a little meet up. They all have body forming/fitting uniforms, there is literally no room for gaining weight.

Street food -  Steamed minced pork and prawn dumplings called Kanom Jeeb.

Street food - Grilled Pork on skewers called Mu Ping.

Haggling for a tuktuk ride. Tuktuks are not cheap, they are more expensive than taxi cabs.

I eat streetfood but sometimes I draw the line based on several factors. 

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Rattanakosin (Historic District) - Bangkok, Thailand

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