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Charming Outdoor Terrace on Place Jacques-Cartier, Montreal: Jardin Nelson

The Place Jacques-Cartier is the centre of Old Montreal. There are many cafés and restaurants here with an outdoor terrace and it is a great place to sit in one and just relax, have a drink or a little bite, people watch and really just enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the square. Jardin Nelson is one of those places.

My niece AnK and I have been walking around Montreal for hours already and we were desperate to find an outdoor terrace where we can sit down and relax for a bit. We have a strict requirement for this outdoor terrace though. It must be ‘gezellig’ (cosy), charming and in a very nice and cool location. So after seeing that there are not many options available, we went back to Place Jacques Cartier.

The square is the heart of the city and it is where the happening is when it comes to outdoor terraces. There are just lots of activity to be seen and enjoyed here. The whole place is brimming with excitement, colours and fun, especially during weekends. It will always make you want to linger here for a while. Thus it was a good decision for us to come back and hang out here for lunch.

On this square we set our eyes on Jardin Nelson. We have actually seen the place earlier and I have made a mental note of it. From the outside it looks very attractive with all the plants and flowers hanging outside the outdoor terrace. It has a very inviting aura.

Since we had a heavy breakfast that morning, we will be eating a light lunch. I was craving for lobster so I only ordered coffee while AnK went for a crepe filled with caramelised apples. I was saving my lunch for the lobster roll sandwich at the Old Port. If only I knew that the food truck ran out of lobsters, I would have ordered lunch here and have taken my time.

The Jardin Nelson restaurant is actually very huge. If you walk past the restaurant and enter at the back you will see a huge space with nooks and crannies filled with tables. There is even a stage with a full live band entertaining the diners. I prefer the outdoor terrace facing the square though.

So this place comes highly recommended. It is one of the pretty outdoor terraces on the square but they are always busy though. We just got lucky when a couple just stood up when we arrived. Most of the times the terrace is full.

My niece AnK, she was studying at the Ottawa University last year.

Caramelised apple-filled crepe with Maple syrup.

We are enjoying this sunny and warm autumn in Montreal.

The outdoor terrace of Jardin Nelson on Place Jacques-Cartier.

 At the back of the restaurant is a bigger hall with tables for diners and an entertainment stage. We did not expect this at all.

Jardin Nelson has a very central and nice location on Place Jacques-Cartier, Old Montreal.

Travel Period: September 2015
Destination: Montreal (Quebec), Canada

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