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Photo Essay of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

After having said my piece here: Grand Palace Bangkok – Dress Code, Chinese Tourists and Buddha is not for Tattoo and Furniture, I can now post the pictures I took peacefully.

Entrance fee to the Grand Palace is 500 Baht. It is not really that cheap. The locals find it very expensive even.

The palace is divided into 3 areas:
  • Outer Courtyard - where all the old beautiful buildings are located
  • Central Courtyard - you will pass here once you exit the Outer Courtyard
  • Inner Courtyard - not accessible to the public

The whole place is an eye candy for someone like me who is a history and architecture enthusiast. The Grand Palace is one of those places that if you visit Bangkok, you must go here, at least for once in your life. It’s my second time here already so I must be doing good =)

Only the ‘Outer Courtyard’ is accessible to the public. The ‘Inner Courtyard’ which is where the royal family used to live is closed to the public. The ‘Central Courtyard’ however is partly open and partly closed to the public. You can see the beautiful facade of the buildings from the street such as the Chakri Palace that once was a royal residence.

Fact is, the buildings and temples in the Outer Courtyard are already spectacular enough. There are lots to see and ogle at! And I have to agree, from an architecture point of view, the Grand Palace complex is one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth. The Thais really have something to be proud of.

Hope you enjoy my pictures.


The senior citizen parents were tired from the heat and human chaos.

Beautiful mural paintings depicting the Grand Palace on the walls of the covered walks.

Phra Sri Rattana Chedi.

We obviously need to take some souvenir pictures.

Mosaic tiles and glass artwork.

Inside the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Phra Mondhop is made of tiny shiny mosaic tiles.

The Golden Demon Guardian with a tail.

These are all demon guards.

More demon guards here...

If you check out the covered walks you will find stunning mural paintings such as this.


This guard is guarding the Inner Courtyard I believe which is not accessible to the public.

This is the Chakri Mahaprasad Hall, once a royal residence but is not used for ceremonial ocassaions such as coronations, marriages, funerals and banquets for the royal family.

The Thais have really something to be proud of. Thai architecture is beautiful.

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Bangkok, Thailand

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