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Montreal: Rue Saint-Paul and Shrimp Kebab, Basmati Rice & Cesar Salad at La Cage

Saint Paul Street (or Rue Saint-Paul) in Old Montreal is the oldest street in the city. It was once the busiest thoroughfare and was named after the founder of Ville-Marie (present day Montreal), Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve, who had a house on number 1650.

Hmm, and I thought the street was named after Saint Paul, the 13th apostle of Jesus Christ? And since when did this Paul de Chomedey became a saint?

This Shrimp Kebab, Basmati Rice and Cesar Salad lunch was not on the menu. The restaurant bar customised the dish for me =)

Rue Saint-Paul.

I really had high hopes of Rue Saint-Paul and I was a little bit disillussioned upon seeing that it is still open to smog and car traffic. The cars parked and passing through made the street less attractive than how writers romanticise it on travel guides and what not.

I also read somewhere that there were plans to pedestrianise the street, but it was stopped when merchants raised complaints about it. I mean why? Pedestrianising it will only increase the importance of the street and the likelihood of more business. The downside of course is that merchants will have to park somewhere. Although I do not think one can park that long on this very centrally located street anyway, so what is the fuss all about?

Anyway, I came back here for lunch after my Ottawa leg of the journey. I initially planned on lunching at a rooftop cafe bar, but the one I was eyeing on was closed for the season already. The other one on Rue Saint-Paul I could not find, and instead I bumped into this bar—La Cage Brasserie Sportive. The bar restaurant has an upper seating with views down to Saint Paul Street.

Upon seeing the upper open terrace, I quickly went up and grabbed a table with a view to the street. I was craving for something seafood so I picked the Fish ‘n Chips on the menu and a glass of white wine. The waiter came back a few minutes later informing me that they ran out of fish. Bummer. I told him I didn’t want to eat meat and was really looking forward to eating fish or something similar.

He nodded and smiled, acknowledging my demands, and then he told me that they have shrimps. If I want they can grill them like kebabs on a stick. ‘That’s a good suggestion!’ I gleamed. I love shrimps you know.

‘Would you like fries or rice with it? We have vegetable Basmati rice if you like.’

‘I’d take the rice please, and oh, I also want a serving of Cesar Salad as well. Just a small portion please.’ I added, quite happy that everything is going as planned now.

Aside from the distance, culture and architecture divide, this is one of the things that many will agree that truly separates North America from Europe – proper customer service in the cities.

In European cities, waiters will just tell you straight up to order from the menu and will not really go all the way to customise something for you, unless you are eating at a fine dining restaurant with starter dishes starting at €15 or at a mom and pop taverna without a menu in the Greek Islands.


My view from my table to the street.

My table with a view.

The Microbrewery bar and restaurant across was quite busy.

My lunch arrived!

I enjoyed this lunch very much.

La Cage Brasserie Sportive is a sports bar.

It is quite big, with an outdoor terrace on the ground and upper floors.


 The eastern part of Rue Saint-Paul is where you will find a lot of cafes and brasseries. 

On this same street we had Poutine for dinner with my niece AnK: Rich, Greasy, Stuffing 'Poutine' for Dinner in Montreal

Shops, bars, cafes and restaurants on Rue Saint-Paul.

Travel Period: October 2015
Destination: Montreal (Quebec), Canada

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