Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rubensmarkt (Rubens Market) in Antwerp, Belgium

Do you know Rubens? He is the celebrated Belgian painter during the Baroque Period in the 17th century. If the Netherlands has van Gogh and Rembrandt, Belgium has Peter Paul Rubens.

So in celebration of this great Flemish painter whose roots is in Antwerp, the city has a special yearly market day every summer dedicated on his honour—the Rubens Market (Rubensmarkt in Dutch). Antwerp or Antwerpen is part of Flemish Belgium, the Dutch speaking part of the country, although I must say that they speak a different kind of Dutch here =).

Rubens was also a humanist scholar and diplomat, and was knighted by Philip IV, king of Spain and Charles I, king of England. Learn more here: Peter Paul Rubens

We were not very lucky with the weather when Dutchman and I were here last summer. It rained the whole day and we forgot to bring the umbrella sitting in the back of the car.

Before arriving in the city we also got stuck in heavy traffic due to road works. We were already wondering and having second thoughts on why we went in the first place? Can you relate on days like this? Murphy's Law I guess? But this did not deter us from making this day a success.

We scanned the market looking for some Rubens inspiration, and it seems that all the vendors were dressed in medieval garb, while the men were doing their best at emulating Rubens. There were also a few people walking around in medieval costumes. It’s a bit like carnaval in the summertime.

Oh well, it is just too bad that the weather was not on our side. The next market is scheduled on Sunday, the 15th of August 2016.

Oh, I had  a lovely mussels lunch as well (Mussels with Frites in Antwerp) in the city, which I should not forget is the reason why I dragged the poor Dutchman here.

 An antique dealer vendor emulating Rubens.

Beautiful Flemish architecture on the Grote Markt (Market Square).


Shoe shining services here from this gentleman.

Some local bread cakes for sale.


Even the Thai food stall is fully Rubens inpired.

Travel Period: August 2015
Destination: Antwerp (Flanders), Belgium

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