Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Topiary Sculpture Art Logos and Coat of Arms at the Montreal City Hall

One of the things that I discovered in Montreal were the topiary plant and flower sculptures of important logos and coat of arms at the Montreal City Hall in Old Montreal.

Les armoiries de la Ville de Montreal (Montreal Coat of Arms). Since 1833, modified 1938.

Montreal City Hall. The topiary plant sculptures are located in front of the building.

I read somewhere that the topiary plantings and sculptures at the Montreal City Hall are changed regularly. These logos and coat of arms were displayed around September 2015.

They are all beautiful pieces of art. Stunning actually. I had to take pictures of all of them for posterity. Topiary plant sculptures are also called living sculptures.

The Montreal City Hall is located on the corner of Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal. The building is designated as National Historic Site in Canada. In the evenings they light the building in French rosé - pink wine colour. It looks very gorgeous!

Not to be missed if you have a green thumb or if you fancy art and flowers.

This one is beautifully done. So gorgeous and elegant.

#75 Printemps. 1940: Obtaining women's suffrage in Quebec and the election of the first woman elected in Montreal

Logo of the City of Montreal. Since 1981.

Women's FIFA World Cup, Canada: 6 June - 5 July 2015. This one is formed like a carved football.

100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide - 24 April 2015.

Montreal City Hall at dusk, beautifully lighted in French rosé - pink wine colour.

Montreal City Hall during the day taken from Place Jacques-Quartier.

Travel Period: September 2015
Destination: Montreal (Quebec), Canada

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