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Dining Out, Nightlife and Victorian Architecture on Grand Allée | Quebec City, Canada Travel

My travel to Canada last fall seemed to be so far away now. Time flies! But I still have quite a number of posts planned so you’ll see more Canada stories from me in the next weeks and months.

Grand Allée nightlife restaurants

In Quebec City I stayed in a hotel that is 10 minutes with the car to the city centre. I have a rental car and didn’t want to pay extra money for parking in the city centre, thus a hotel outside the city was obviously the easy answer to this concern.

When I travel on my own the nightlife element is the last thing I am interested in. I’m turning 46 this year and do not really care much about party, night events and socialising. I hope that does not sound pathetic and boring? I swear, we all change through our lifetime. What seems to be like the holy grail for teenagers or when we were in our 20’s and 30’s, is now something that I would totally avoid. It is quite hard to believe, at least for me that I do not want anymore some evening action, but after dinner I just want to go back to my hotel and unwind. If I am in the mood and depending on the hotel, I may have a quick nightcap in the lounge. That’s it really. I am getting old.

But here is the irony of fate – I managed to bump into the dining out and nightlife street scene of Quebec City during one of my early evening walks =)

The charming Rue Saint Louis in Quebec Old City connects to busy and cosmopolitan Grand Allée. If you just continue walking on the street you will eventually reach Grand Allée (just after the Parliament Gardens).

The street is the place to be for the nightlife owls and for those who want to enjoy some dinner options with the entertainment scene. There are restaurants, bars and nightclubs with dance floors here. Unfortunately I did not stop by for a drink. I was more curious and very much entertained by the lovely Victorian houses. They were a sight to behold! I didn’t expect to see them here as this part of Quebec City is already outside the old city perimeters.

The Victorian buildings on Grand Allée were very charming and elegant. I love old architecture and I am quite happy with this find.

But for those looking some evening fun and socialising, this is your street.

Grand Allée victorian Rue Saint Louis
Grand Allée Rue Saint Louis

Walking here on Rue Saint Louis and further ahead is Grand Allee.


Grand Allée victorian architecture
Grand Allée victorian buildings
Grand Allée victorian architecture

I would not mind climbing these set of stairs to live here, albeit temporarily =)

Grand Allée victorian architecture
Grand Allée victorian houses

A prime location in Quebec City to live as well to run a business.

Grand Allée victorian parking Grand Allée victorian houses

You need to pay for parking though during the day.

Grand Allée victorian houses
Grand Allée victorian houses

Some of the buildings here have a for rent and for sale signs. I wonder how much they cost?


Grand Allée nightlife
Grand Allée nightlife

You can easily spot Grand Allee with all her bright and colourful lights.

Grand Allée dining out
Grand Allée restaurants

It was not that cold in October yet so outdoor terraces are still open.

Grand Allée nightlife
Grand Allée nightlife

You cannot go wrong here on Grand Allee if you want a good night life.

Travel Period: October 2015
Destination: Quebec City (Quebec), Canada

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