Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello from Novi Sad! | Serbia Travel


So that is supposed to mean hello in Serbian language which is in Cyrillic alphabet. If we translate that to the Roman alphabet it would be this: Zdravo. I kept hearing this word today actually and now I know what it means =)

Here are a few pictures during my arrival and first day in Serbia in this lovely town (the second largest city) of Novi Sad. I actually arrived in Belgrade, after which I took the rental car and drove north for an hour to Novi Sad.

I am staying inside the Petrovaradin Fortress and I am quite stoked because my room looked so royal, and with views down to the ramparts and the Danube River.

Will blog about Novi Sad more soon! I promise.

The Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad. My hotel sits on top of it =)

Arriving now here at the fortress. So I landed in Belgrade, took the rental car and drove for an hour to Novi Sad (north).

The staff welcomed me the traditional Serbian way with a Rakija drink! And some jam as well. They say you drink the alcoholic shot and then eat a bit of the jam. Additionally they gave me the history of the hotel (the fortress) rolled in a piece of paper and tied with a red ribbon. 

My elegant room which is facing the Danube River. I will blog about the fortress hotel another time. 

View from the fortress. Today was not a sunny day, hopefully tomorrow though.

Serbian Dinars: RSD or in the local language - РСД

Liberty Square (Trg Slobode) with the City Hall on the left.

Liberty Square (Trg Slobode) with the Catholic Church on the right.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Novi Sad, Serbia

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