Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lunch at De Schapendrift in Orvelte, Netherlands

What a beautiful weekend we had in the Netherlands! Cold but blue skies and the sun shining. This happens rarely so I made sure I went out this weekend.

restaurant de schapendrift
schapendrift orvelte

Because Dutchman is currently travelling out of the country for work, and with the lovely weekend weather, I thought that its best that I go somewhere for the weekend. I picked the Drenthe province because I have not been here before. In fact it is the only province that I have not visited.

I went to visit Meppel and Assen yesterday Saturday. Then I stayed the evening in the nice little village of Westerbork. Today Sunday, I spent my day in the (ex) Westerbork transit concentration camp which is now a museum and in the open air museum village of Orvelte. So I got so many pictures and stories to tell in the coming weeks and months about Drenthe for sure =)

In Orvelte I met up with girlfriend Bru and we had a long catch up over lunch. She almost drove into Orvelte she told me when she realised that it is a car-free village. Only the locals living in Orvelte can drive and park inside the village. I will post the pictures I took of the village another time. We settled for lunch at Restaurant "De Schapendrift" because it is the only restaurant in Orvelte serving salads. I prefer to eat salads for lunch and have small pieces of bread on the side, not the other way around.

In the Netherlands, Dutch people eat bread for breakfast and lunch. It is usually sliced bread of the whole wheat kind. I have never really acclimatised to this bread eating habit. This is what Bru and I had in common. We stick to our salads and veggies.

So glad to have spent time again with Bru. We need to do this more often.

schapendrift orvelte
schapendrift orvelte

The restaurant was quite busy on this particular Sunday.

schapendrift orvelte

We both ordered the same thing: Smoke Salmon Salad.

We also both had a take 2 for these pictures because on the first take we both closed our eyes, haha.

schapendrift orvelte
schapendrift orvelte

The interior of the restaurant is quite interesting, styled accordingly as a sheep's stall.

schapendrift orvelte
schapendrift orvelte

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Orvelte, Midden Drenthe (Drenthe), The Netherlands

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