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A Duck Composition Lunch with Novi Sad Panoramic Views at the Terasa

I arrived around lunch time in Belgrade, Serbia afterwhich I took the rental car and drove up north to Novi Sad and checked into my hotel—Hotel Fortress Leopold I which is located in the Petrovaradin Fortress. I took lots of pictures of this cultural heritage hotel and will post a separate entry about this soon.

The Duck Composition lunch at Terasa.

After checking in, I went straight to TERASA, one of the several restaurants in the Petrovaradin Fortress. The restaurant is located at the end of the military fortress just above the clock tower. There are actually 3 restaurants located on this terrace which has magnificent views over the Danube River and Novi Sad.

It is a must to visit the fortress if one is visiting Novi Sad but I also think its a must to eat here. And I am so hungry! I haven’t had any lunch yet and it is getting very late. It is almost 4PM. My stomach is raging mad.

I have chosen Terasa because I have read about this place before, and most importantly, the restaurant has a table available for me facing the clock tower. Now that is a special view.

I quickly read through the menu and decided on the Duck Composition (Pačija Kompozicija) which the waiter said is one of their specialties. The Duck Composition consists of a duck drumstick, red cabbage and apples, duck breasts in sauce of marinated prunes and oranges, a crispy bacon and a duck ball croquette.

What can I say? This was the best dish I have eaten in my Serbian holiday. Well, I could use a more crispier duck drumstick though, but the flavours were orchestrated very well. Perhaps too much meat for the vegie loving me but that’s what you get when you are in Eastern Europe.

Unfortunately in Serbia, smoking is still allowed indoors and in restaurants. Ever since I contracted Pneumonia a year and a half ago, I have acquired this disgust for cigar and cigarette smoke. The table next to me were smoking the whole time. Cigarette smell gives me nausea and I find it really dirty. I hope the country would ban smoking indoors soon.

The 3 restaurants side by side on this part of the fortress terrace. Hotel Leopold also has 2 restaurants, so that makes it to 5 restaurants inside the fortress.

Great views to Novi Sad from here.

The clock tower. Read more here: Novi Sad's Special Clock Tower.

The covered outdoor terrace of Terasa. I guess they lift the tent once it is late in spring.

Red wine is usually paired with meat but with duck you can also pair white. I also tend to not follow the wine pairing rules really. I tend to just go with the flow, with what my tastebuds are feeling.

The view from my table.

This is really good. I loved how the red cabbage and prunes went well with the duck.

The Terasa Restaurant in Petrovaradin Fortress has great views to Novi Sad and the Danube River.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Novi Sad (Vojvodina), Serbia

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