Sunday, April 17, 2016

Caffe Brulee and Staying in a Former Abbey in Westerbork, Netherlands

For my Drenthe roadtrip I stayed in a small village right in the smack of the province—Westerbork.

I did not really know much about the village except that I wanted to visit the Westerbork ex-concentration camp nearby. The village is also very centrally located between town cities Assen and Meppel. Moreover, it is just a few minutes drive to Orvelte where I will be meeting with Bru for lunch. Perfectly situated to all the places I want to check out.

My choice paid well because Westerbork is such a charming little village. I will post a separate entry of the village with pictures on my next entry.

In Westerbork I stayed at the Abdij de Westerburcht Hotel which is previously is a monk’s abbey. It is not one of those huge and impressive abbeys though. This is a relatively small living quarter of the monks located across the Stefanus Church. The hotel has themed suites and rooms but on this weekend they only have the standard rooms available in the abbey hall. The hallway had very interesting interior details that reminds you that the building really used to be an abbey before. Unfortunately they had plumbing issues on this particular weekend and I was not really very happy with it. The hotel however gave me a discount.

Other than that the hotel has a nice restaurant with a lounge area that has a fireplace, which is quite nice to sit here for a night cap. It also has a spa. Outside of the restaurant is a huge terrace which I can perhaps say is the terrace of the village. When I was there it dawned on me that the hotel and its terrace was very popular =)

In the morning I did not avail of their buffet breakfast. I was having lunch with Bru and didn’t want to spoil it so I thought of just having a big cup of cappuccino and a cookie. As I was about to order, I saw a poster of a delicious looking coffee called—Caffe Brulee. Hmm, why don’t I have this for breakfast instead?

If you are in Drenthe visiting the Westerbork ex-concentration camp or you happen to pass by Westerbork village, do check out this hotel's restaurant and terrace. The Caffe Brulee comes highly recommended of course!

The standard rooms (kloosterkamer). I had a room for 1-person.

This is near the reception area of the hotel.

I do not think they brew the trappist beers here like they do in most abbeys, but they do sell some of in the reception area. The monks in Europe have been brewing beers for centuries.

The chapel of the abbey converted into a function room.

Abdij de Westerburcht restaurant.

This is my Caffe Brulee breakfast =) Quite sweet but the coffee balanced the sweetness out.

Stefanus Church across the abbey hotel and restaurant.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Westerbork, Midden Drenthe (Drenthe), The Netherlands

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