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Dinner at Mythos Taverna on Kioni Bay, Ithaca | Greek Holiday

I love our dinners in the Greek Islands and mainly because of settings such as this:

Which is why I, rather we, cannot wait to go back to the Greek Islands this summer!

Our day cruise to Ithaca from Kefalonia proceeded according to plan. After stopping halfway for the half an hour swimming break, we docked on our first port of call at Vathy harbour. Vathy is the capital town of Ithaca. Then we continued to sail up north arriving in our second port of call—Kioni, an unspoilt picturesque village set on a bay .

Kioni bay harbour is situated on a melodramatic setting, its small harbour shaped like horseshoe. A slew of sleek white yachts and inviting cafe terraces line and decorate its waterfront. No wonder it is a very popular destination for many passing cruising boats to anchor for a few days in the area. It is a small and upscale place which makes Kioni Bay very appealing to its target audience—It is romantic, charming and intimate.

Aboard on the boat I could see the restaurants on the shore and knew right away where Dutchman and I will have dinner. At the Mythos Taverna located centrally on the middle of the shore of the bay harbour.

We both settled for Greek Salad as our starter and then pasta for our mains. The Dutchman loved pastas but for this evening’s dinner he chose the local Lasagna. I on the other hand stuck to my yearly summer holiday seafood theme—I ordered the Pasta Frutti di Mare. We both enjoyed the food here at Mythos Taverna and they come highly recommended.

Overall, this was a very lovely dinner which is made lovelier through its stunning view and the dining on the shore romantic setting. Something that is so typical in the Greek Islands I have to say. So yes, we were happy customers =)

I will post more pictures of the village on a separate entry soon.

Beautiful Kioni Bay is popular with cruising boats.

Inflatable boats are used by many yacht/sailing boat owners to reach the shore.

A fresh Greek Salad as starter.

What would you choose if you cannot have both? Great food or great view and setting? 

Lasagna and fries. Not sure if that is a good combination?

Pasta Frutti di Mare.

Outdoor cafe terraces and sailing boats anchored on the harbour.

Trouble getting on the inflatable boats =)

Travel Period: July 2015
Destination: Kioni, Ithaca (Ionian Islands), Greece

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