Sunday, April 17, 2016

Drenthe, Netherlands: Charming Westerbork Village

When I told my colleagues that I stayed at Westerbork in Drenthe, one of them said, “That’s a village in the middle of nowhere!”

Then the other said, “But it’s a nice village with many restaurants and shops. Too many in fact for such a tiny village which is why it’s a very popular place to stop-over for a drink.”

Indeed for such a small village it has a charming and busy main street full of cafes, restaurants and shops.

I learned when I was there that Westerbork is indeed a popular meeting and stop-over place for many bikers, as well as groups and families visiting the surrounding areas. For example, if you plan to go to the open-air museum village Orvelte and the former Westerbork Nazi concentration camp, you can include Westerbork village in your agenda as a place to have lunch or drinks in the afternoon.

On my last day there on a Sunday morning, I went out for a little stroll and upon coming back I saw a legion of bikers in sportive clothing taking their morning coffee break at my hotel—the Abdij de Westerburcht hotel restaurant.

The Dutch by nature are active people. Perhaps one of the reasons why obesity is low in this country. People are active and are always on-the-go all the time. So when the weather is good enough for outdoor activities, the countryside is full of people cycling and doing sightseeing tours. While some are visiting farms, nature parks and quaint villages for a cup of coffee or tea, thus charming villages like Westerbork then comes handy.

Dutchman and I on the other hand love our walks in the forests, which is something we will be doing soon one of these weekends.

Here is the distance from Utrecht where I live to Westerbork:

Westerbork is an hour and a half from Utrecht. It is more than 2 hours if coming from Amsterdam.

This is a shop, bakery and bus stop. 

One of the many restaurants on the main street (Hoofdstraat).

Stefanuskerk (St. Stephen's Church).

The main intersection of the village.

There are meadows and farm lands surrounding the village where horses can graze.

Brickwork is a typically Dutch design and construction in Dutch architecture and engineering.

Bikers on a Sunday morning. They had a stop-over break at Abdij de Westerburcht which is the hotel restaurant where I stayed.

This is one of the beautiful shops on the main streets.

These are really special looking goats... looking more like a cross breed between a bull and a goat.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Westerbork, Midden-Drenthe (Drenthe), the Netherlands

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