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Part One of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Thailand: A Video and a Photo Essay

The downside of Damnoen Saduak floating market is that it is super touristy. It is the biggest and busiest floating market in the country, so if you are going here for the first time, then you got it right. This is the ultimate floating market to go to. It really is worth the experience in my opinion.

Visitors can take boat tours to explore the floating market, although I can tell you, it is not that big. Or you can rent a long-tail boat for a personalised tour. I guess being part of the floating market traffic offers a more fulfilling and enthralling experience to the whole actuality of things. But you can also elect to just walk along the sidewalks just as we did.

You see, my mom had an ordeal with getting into the long-tail boats so she swore never again. So yeah, we just walked around.

We bought a pack of delicious sticky rice with sauce and mango from one of the boat vendors and had iced coffee in a outdoor terrace where we could watch all the goings-on of the market. My mom managed to buy a lot of fruits as well.

My only hope is that the floating market stays. It is a big part of local Thai culture and it is beautiful and unique. We as visitors can definitely help the local community through supporting the vendors. So if you ever do come here to visit, please buy from the market vendors and food hawkers, most especially from the boat ladies hawking their produce and local Thai dishes. A labour of love and of survival. It cannot get more raw and purer than this.

And as expected, I took a gazillion pictures and I intend to post most of them on the blog. That said, this is just Part One. Part Two is coming! What can I say, the floating market is a photographer’s dream. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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But first, the video:

Such a dynamic place! These ladies can control the boats really well. My favourite boat lady is the one in pink blouse with a white pearl necklace. Go to 0:17 and 1:41 (a close-up) to meet her =)

There are many boat tours in the floating market, but you can also rent your own boat for exclusivity.

All kinds of souvenir stuff for sale.

Yup, tourists =)

The canal is narrow and traffic can form from time to time. It's one big organised chaos I should say.

Deep frying in the boat. Anything is possible =)

I kind of like this picture really.

 Ah yes, more tourists =)

She is perhaps the oldest vendor we have seen. My mom regretted not buying what she was selling.

How to order: Careful the coconut juice will not fall into the water!

Grilling barbecue on the boat. Cool.

More floating market pictures coming....

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Damnoen Saduak (Ratchaburi), Thailand

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