Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quick Lunch at ‘De Bijenkorf Kitchen’ in Amsterdam

I had some work stuff to take care of in the centre of Amsterdam and had to grab a quick lunch with a few colleagues. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in the centre and it can get difficult when you ask everyone’s opinion. So we played safe.

The Bijenkorf department store in Damrak is just a stone’s throw away and they have a good restaurant at the top of the building. Everyone was quick to agree.

The self-service restaurant is called De Bijenkorf Kitchen and the concept is similar to the famous La Place of the defunct V&D. La Place by the way has survived the ordeal and has been recently bought and will continue serving patrons under the same brand.

For lunch I had a medium-sized bowl of salad from the vegetable salad bar, pumpkin soup with croutons and fresh orange juice.

I love the light and airy with lots of glass set up, as well as the modern take on the design of the Bijenkorf Kitchen. They have added a small cafe adjacent to the self-service restaurant. I believe you can step out to the balcony as well so you can admire the views down to the Beursplein (Beurs Square) and the tower.

If you shop in Bijenkorf Amsterdam, do pay a visit to the top. If not for lunch, coffee would just do fine.

For those who do not know, Bijenkorf is a Dutch luxury department store with branches all over the country. The Amsterdam branch in Damrak is the biggest, most luxurious and with a shop-in-shop concept of exclusive signature brands.

You can see the tower of the Beurs van Berlage. The building used to be the trading floor of the Amsterdam Commodity Exchange Market. The building is now a conference centre and cafe.

The cafe adjacent to the self-service counter of the restaurant.

Visit Period: April 2016
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam – North Holland), The Netherlands

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