Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sailing to Ithaca Island | Greek Holiday

The Dutchman and I are again dreaming of our upcoming Greek summer holiday. We are Greek Island lovers =) and we are going to a new place again this year but we do not know yet which one. Last year we went to Kefalonia located in the Ionian Sea and we did a day boat trip to neighbouring island, Ithaca.

Boarding on Skala Beach.

There are a number of boat tours and service from Kefalonia going to Ithaca Island. If one prefers the local and cheap way of travelling, the regular slow passenger shipliner leaves from Sami to Ithaca. However, if you prefer a quicker and comfortable sailing, then you just have to walk in to any travel agency company and book a day cruise. If you have deeper pockets, a luxurious option would be to rent an exclusive boat service including the crew.

Dutchman and I made a decision on what is affordable and quick, so we booked a boat tour from the travel agency in Lourdas. This travel agency is located in Lourdas upper village, beside the scooter rental store.

The day trip to Ithaca included the following:

1) Whole day boat trip back and forth with Captain Vangelis Boat (boarding in Skala)
2) Free bus pick up (to and fro)
3) A swimming stop
4) First port of call at Vathy, the capital of Ithaca (a good stop to have drinks on the harbour and do a little bit of shopping)
5) Second port of call at Kioni, a picturesque village in the north (sunset dinner on the cosy harbour)

Day boat trips to Ithaca usually leaves from Sami or Skala. The travel agencies charge more than if you book directly with the boat tour operator, but then again, it saves you the time and logistics if you are staying far from Sami and Skala. Plus the price already includes the bus transfer. Win-win.

I will post pictures of Vathy and Kioni soon!

Ithaca Island on the map.

A lot of people preferred to sit on the deck for some sun.

Rugged limestone rock cliffs.

Would you live or stay in this red house?

 Typically Greece: Toilet paper must not be flushed into the toilets.

Spotting a beach cafe on the shore.

If you have deep pockets, an option of course is to hire an exclusive yacht service for the day or for your entire holiday.

The swimming stop!

Another boat service similar to Captain Vangelis boat.

Almost there! I can see the capital of Ithaca, Vathy in the distance.

Travel Period: July 2015
Destination: Ithaca (Ionian Islands), Greece

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