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Sky-High Lunch with a View in Singapore: 3-Course Meal at Salt Grill & Sky Bar

When I was in Singapore last year I managed to meet up with a very old colleague for lunch. Let’s call her Sashay.

We were both very young when we met (circa 22+ years ago). It was in fact my first corporate job in Manila. I worked in the marketing department and was looking after the merchandising and design of our upscale retail shops. Sashay and I didn’t have any contact whatsoever for more than a decade until a few years ago when we bumped into each other in Facebook. She now lives in Singapore and when she knew I was in town we quickly set up a date to catch up.

It is quite extraordinary to know someone from a long-time ago chapter of your life, and then to see them again now, as if it was just yesterday.

Sky-high lunch with a view of Singapore.

When we were communicating in Facebook I told her that it would be nice if we can have lunch in a nice place with a view of the city somewhere in the Orchard area. She told me not to worry as she exactly knew a place that I would adore. Don’t you just love it when you are with a local who knows exactly the good places and the hotspots?

We met at one of the entrances of Orchard Mall and after exchanging kisses and pleasantries of – ‘My god, you have not changed at all?!’ *wink* we moved on to locating Salt Grill & Sky Bar restaurant somewhere in the adjacent mall. I tell you, if I have to find the way to this restaurant again, I might get lost. Nevertheless, I am intrigued. I hope the view would be gorgeous. I love food, but sometimes my desire for a nice ambiance and a stunning view goes first.

When we finally arrived at the restaurant and were ushered to our table on the window facing the skyscrapers, I was very much pleased. I have to admit, this is my guilty pleasure — Dining with a breathtaking view, and for this particular lunch, sky high!

The restaurant is contemporary Australian cuisine. We settled both for a glass of bubbly, a prosecco and the 3-course lunch. As we waited for each course to be served, we pampered ourselves with the breathtaking views of the city. Singapore has changed so much. So many skyscrapers have sprouted everywhere like mushrooms every year. I have always found Singapore to be a bit too clinical for my taste though. Compared to my favourite and versatile city, Hong Kong, Singapore is a bit analytic. Reticent. Detached. But I noticed that the Lion City tends to grow on you slowly.

Sashay and I talked about the old times and what we are doing right now in the current phase of our lives. She’s married and she has 2 girls. She loves to play golf. She likes travelling but hates the actual air travel so she has found a way of de-stressing whilst enroute to the final destination.

It was lovely to have catch up with an old friend. I should do this more often.

The lunch was also a great succes. The view was not only fantastic but the food was equally fabulous. It matched the high standards of the restaurant’s beautiful city views. I just found out that the chef was Australia’s celebrity chef Luke Mangan. Well thank you chef for the exquisite food. We enjoyed it very much.

Our bubblies and the breathtaking view.

Some bread and nibbles to start with.

I love the all glass walls and ceiling of this restaurant. Sashay has totally scored for bringing me here, haha.

Our first entry: A board of charcuterie delights - jamon iberico, saucisson, duck bresaola and country terrine, grilled bread and pear chutney.

The waitress saw us doing the usual selfie and offered to take a picture of us =). She managed to take a few. Thank you.

And another one of course. We looked so demure here with our hands politely placed on top of the other. And no, we did not script this.

Ah, our main course with a view.

Main course: Seared Blue Fin tuna, potato, pimento, soft quail egg, haricots, olives & anchovies dressing on a bed of greens.

The 3rd course entry is dessert: Mango sorbet with berries and crumbs. And then espresso to close the lovely lunch.

The direction inside the mall to Ion Sky building where the restaurant is located.

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Central, Singapore

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