Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thailand Day Trip: Lunch at Pae Poh Kaew Floating Restaurant in Sam Phran

After our productive visit to the Damnoen Saduak floating market in Ratchaburi we were whisked away by our tour guide back to our waiting mini van. He said we need to hurry because the trip will take an hour. Some passenger shuffling ensued and a few people have to switch vans but we were told to stay put. Then we were back on the road to the direction of Nakhon Pathom province.

Our destination? Lunch.

My lovely so tropical coconut juice =)

Lunch was a similar theme as our agenda in the morning. We are eating at the Pae Poh Kaew Floating Restaurant in Sam Phran. Are you seeing the trend here? Earlier it was the visit to the floating market with many floating kitchens, and now, we are dining on a floating restaurant =)

The floating restaurant is made of wood and straw and is anchored on the Tha Chin River, a ditributary of the Chao Phraya river that flows through Bangkok. It is loosely fastened on land with plank bridges. The tour guide showed us our tables and we were seated with 2 timid Japanese couples.

The whole ambience of the floating restaurant scored high in my book. But the food? Mwah. Because lunch was part of the tour price we didn’t really have the liberty to order our own choice of food from the restaurant’s menu. The food was in fact waiting for us on the table already. Well, except for the drinks. I settled for a chilled tropical coconut juice brightened by a lovely purple orchid and a yellow paper umbrella. We had to pay for the drinks separately though.

This is what we had for lunch:

- Omelette with sweet chili sauce
- Sweet & Sour Pork with paprika, onions and pineapple
- Chop Suey mix sauteed vegetables
- Steamed white rice

They do not sound Thai to me at all but Chinese!

The restaurant is really floating. We could feel it drift every now and then.

The view on Tha Chin river.

My mom and moi and my cocktail style fresh coconut juice.

Sweet and Sour Pork with paprika, onions and pineapple.

Omelette with sweet chili sauce.

Chop Suey mix sauteed vegetebles.

The floating restaurants are connected to each other with plank bridges.

A Thai Buddhist altar table in the restaurant by the entrance.

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Sam Phran (Nakhon Pathon), Thailand

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