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Vathy, Ithaca | Greek Holiday

Many of us probably have heard of Ithaca from our ancient Greek mythology subject in high school, in one of Homer’s epic poems – The Odyssey, which is a sequel to the Iliad.

Ithaca is the hometown of Odysseus, the Greek hero in the poem which focuses on his journey back to his home island after the 10-year Trojan War (or the fall of Troy). The return took him 10 long years. There is a statue of Odysseus on the harbour of Vathy, the capital of Ithaca but unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of it. I however took a picture of another statue of him outside the Museum of Maritime and Folklore.

Vathy is our first port of call for this day boat trip to Ithaca. We did not stay here long enough though, but the time we have spent here was enough to walk around town, do some shopping and have a drink at one of the many cafes lining the waterfront. Or buy some ice cream and sit down on a bench and just enjoy the beauty of the harbour and its surroundings. The latter is what Dutchman and I did.

I am sure Vathy’s harbour will be stunning in the evening when holidaymakers take their seats in the outdoor cafes and restaurants, but our boat trip will sail further up north to an exquisite little village where we will spend our dinner on a much more intimate harbour. We are very much looking forward to it.

Hope my pictures below will give you an idea of what Vathy is like.

The harbour of Vathy.

Anchoring the boat securely on the harbour.

Yachts anchored on the harbour across outdoor cafes.

I love this shot of the houses with the mountain towering at the back.

Yours truly, the Greek island holidaymaker =)

Outdoor cafes and restaurants on the harbour. I am sure when dusk falls the empty tables will be full.

I would have loved to sit here but the Dutchman is waiting for me at the end of the harbour.

Another romantic table spot on the waterfront.

Octopus is popular in the Greek kitchen. I love Grilled Octopus tail and order them a few times during summer holidays.

Statue of Odysseus outside the Maritime-Folklore Museum. Another statue (more popular one) of Odysseus is on the harbour.

Moi here with my ice cream. You definitely need one on a hot summer day. Pistachio and lemon.

Many Greek Islands have this kind of massive anchor piece on their harbours.


Vathy is a nice place to shop for local artisan souvenirs.

Travel Period: July 2015
Destination: Vathy, Ithaca (Ionian Islands), Greece

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