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Ithaca Island, Greece: Kioni Village and Harbour

Last year Dutchman and I sailed to a small island paradise called Ithaca which is located beside Kefalonia Island where we were based for our summer holiday.

The boat cruise we booked had 2 main stops:

  • Vathy, the capital of the island
  • Kioni, a small picturesque harbour village in the north

Here in Kioni Dutchman and I had our dinner on the bay harbour, at the Mythos Taverna. It was one of our unforgettable dinners in this holiday, simply because of the romantic setting and gorgeous views, as well as the fact that it took a boat ride to get here and dine on the beach shore. This kind of dinner is something I really look forward to during our summer holidays. I live for this.

Here is the location of Kioni on the Greek map:

Our boat left from Skala in Kefalonia and sailed to Ithaca (Ithaki) Island, first stopping at Vathy and then to Kioni.

This summer, which is already next month we are going to Lefkada, the bigger island north of Ithaca. If you know me, my summer holiday mantra is this – one or two Greek island/s at a time every summer =)

For the time remaining we have in Kioni before sailing back to Skala, Kefalonia, I managed to walk around in the centre of the village and the harbour. Checking out the shops, the other tavernas and cool opportunites to photograph. If you walk to the other side of the islet you will be able to relish the beautiful views of the outdoor cafe terrace and restaurant scene on the bay, as well as the pristine boats anchored on the harbour.

Set theatrically on a horseshoe harbour bay with a verdant green background, I cannot deny the fact that Kioni is a lovely village that will easily please a summer holidaymaker's senses. Places like Kioni makes us go back, time and again, to the Greek Islands.

Dutchman and I were very pleased and satisfied to have visited Ithaca. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

There is a big yacht scene here in Kioni, Ithaca.

Dutchman and I would like to try the yacht/boat holiday one day. We already know that it is not going to be our favourite way of holidaying. You just do not have enough space. 

Kioni has a healthy cafe and restaurant scene. 

Do you remember Homer's Odyssey and his encounter with the one-eyed cyclops? Yes, this seems to be the name of the shop.

The Mythos Taverna on the shore where we had our dinner.

Kioni is bustling with activity when the sun starts to set down.

A balcony, no matter how small it is, is very important. It is one of the many joys one can experience during summer holidays.

Typically Greek Islands, you will see these delightful small fishing boats loitering the shores of the islands.

A very pretty shop and cafe which is attached to the wall and road.

The priest of the village taking a walk and a local guy from one of the restaurant harvesting some fish (crabs I believe).

The view of the harbour from the hilly part.

These boats look like sisters =)

The busy Kioni harbour.

A beautiful red-orange hibiscus flower.

It is early evening now and the restaurants and cafes have become very busy.

 Eating outdoors is one of the best experiences during summer holidays.

Travel Period: July 2015
Destination: Kioni, Ithaca (Kefalonia – Ionian Islands), Greece

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