Sunday, May 22, 2016

Parma, Italy: Palazzo della Pilota on Piazza della Pilota

For my Emilia-Romagna trip last week I went to 3 cities in the region: Bologna, Modena and Parma.

Moi at Piazza della Pilota with the Palazzo della Pilota in my background.

I had to think about which of the 3 cities was my favourite which I found to be a bit difficult to choose. I thought I was leaning towards Modena. But then I think about Parma. And I have to say that it was Parma that really surprised me of the 3. It was also here in Parma that I was blown away at the magnitude of art displayed inside the cathedral. Oh, I cannot wait to show pictures very soon!

It all started with finding a parking place in Parma. I did my online research well and found that Parcheggio Toschi is the best place to park outside the city centre. In Italy, you cannot just drive into the core city centre without any repercussions. There is the ZTL rule (Zona Traffico Limitato | Limited Traffic Zone) which means only locals living and working in the core city centre with registered ZTL cars can freely drive in and out. Everyone else stands a chance of being shot (cameras everywhere) and fined. The fines are not cheap.

The Toschi underground parking is located beside the Torrente Parma River and is just a 100 metres away form the dramatic city entrance to Parma city centre: the Palazzo della Pilota on Piazza della Pilota. I was really awed when I saw the enormous arched entrances. I walked under the palace onto the piazza and exiting to a green park and Piazza della Pace. The whole ambiance was lovely and I thought that Bologna and Modena did not have something like this.

People were out and about and there was an outdoor art exhibit on the park. I slowed down a bit to check out the art displays. Quite interestingly there were a good number of black guys hanging out in the area and I wondered if the exhibit had something to do with their culture. Or maybe not.

Here is my walking direction from Parcheggio Toschi to Palazzo della Pilota on Piazza della Pilota.

Across the Torrente Parma River is Parco Ducale which has a great connection to the core city centre through the bridge, Ponte Verdi. I saw many people coming and going to the park and back to the city centre through Piazza della Pilota.

So this was just the beginning of my Parma discovery. I have more pictures and stories to tell in the coming posts!

It was so busy when I arrived in Parma. The queue to the parking was very long.

Street art just above the Toschi parking lot.

Ponte Verdi leading to Ducale Park.

The entrance to Parma via Palazzo della Pilota.

Walking under Palazzo della Pilota to Piazza della Pilota.

 Piazza della Pilota.

The park in front of Piazza della Pilota.

Cool lounge chair. I think this was one of the art installations.

Palazzo della Pilota.

Art exhibit on Piazza della Pace in front of the palazzo.

I had coffee at Matis Dinner Lounge Cafe facing the palazzo and piazza later in the afternoon when it rained.

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Parma (Emilia-Romagna), Italy

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