Sunday, May 08, 2016

Part One of "Het Loo Palace": Stables Square and Grand Café Prins Hendrik Garage

Visiting Paleis Het Loo (Het Loo Palace) is a journey in itself. There is so much to see! And we have not even seen everything. 5 hours was not enough. Bru and I need to come back =)

Cappuccino and mint tea at the Grand Café Prins Hendrik Garage on the Stables Square facing the Stable and Coach Houses of the Royal Palace.

So I am posting our visit to the Royal Palace in 4 parts. I took a lot of pictures and a few videos! I cannot wait to share everything to everyone here on this blog.

Het Loo Palace means the Woods Palace. This was once the residential palace of the Dutch Royal House of Orange. The last reigning monarch who lived here was Queen Wilhelmina, the great grandmother of the current King of the Netherlands. She died in 1963 and gave the palace to the Dutch state under 1 condition -- If monarchy was to be abolished in the Netherlands, the palace will be returned to the Dutch Royal family.

We begin our tour at the Stables Square where you can find the royal stables and coach houses, as well as the garage of Pringce Hendrik, now the Grand Café Prins Hendrik Garage. The square and cafe is the first thing you will see when you enter the palace grounds. Here Bru and I had tea and coffee. Our first agenda of the day. We easily burned an hour of chatting that we forgot to check out the stables.

There is a cacophonous peacock living here as well that loves to climb the big tree in the middle of the square. He does yelp every now and then, so do not be surprised if you hear a squeak when you pass by here. When he is not up on the tree, the beautiful animal surveys the tables for fallen crumbs. He is a lovely sight and guests are well entertained by him.

To learn more: Stables and coach houses and Grand Cafe Prins Hendrik Garage - Unfortunately we were not able to visit this in detail. So we will reserve this again for next time!

The handsome resident of the Stables Square.


Grand Cafe Prins Hendrik Garage was previously the Royal Palace's or Prince Hendrik's garage.

The cafe garage is facing the Royal stables and coach houses.

It is a great place to start the palace tour with a drink.

The stable and coach houses which is now a museum. We were not able to visit this. Next time we will, definitely.

The garage, now a cafe. As you can see the stables are much bigger than the garage. That is life back then.

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Apeldoorn (Gelderland), The Netherlands

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