Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rock Cliff Sleeping from a Height in San Marino

Whilst oohing and aahing over the stunning and beautiful sweeping views all over San Marino from the tower, I got slightly distracted by this, um, young boy...

I thought at first, "What is he doing?".

Followed by, "Oh dear, he has indeed some courage!!!" Haha.

What do they say again? You only live once. #yolo - It took me some time to figure out what all the #yolo hashtags I am seeing meant. #oldgeneration

I am not sure how he ended up there. But would you dare?

Here are a few installment pictures of gorgeous San Marino, one of the smallest recognised Republics in the world. For all those hunkering for sweeping panoramas this is a great place to quench that thirst.

I took so many pictures and will post them soon. And oh, a few stories as well of course.

From Tower 1 looking to Tower 2.

Are these not breathtaking? *sigh*

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: San Marino

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