Sunday, June 19, 2016

Belgrade, Serbia: Dining at the ‘Little Bay’ Opera Theatre Restaurant

The Little Bay restaurant in the city centre of Belgrade could not have been more theatrical for my first night’s dinner in the city. The restaurant is designed in a traditional European-style opera theatre! And they do hold opera concerts while you dine. Isn’t that cool?

Unfortunately there were no opera concerts on a Sunday, instead recorded opera music played all throughout the evening’s dinner. They do have a scheduled set of events every night, well, except for Sundays. So guests who are keen to be serenaded by live opera entertainment must not come here on Sundays. The music was only secondary to me though. I came here to experience the theatrical interior and ambiance, as well as the food. Recorded opera music will suffice.

You might want to read this similar restaurant experience I had together with Blondine in Amsterdam where all the wait staff gets to sing opera as they serve guests: Opera Singing Waiters Restaurant – Pasta e Basta

I was really impressed of the setting and ambiance of the Little Bay restaurant. The interior does look like a traditional and elegant opera theatre. There are even booths and balconies! The draperies were red, thick and velvety and everything else in the room is accented in dazzling gold. Although I must say that tackiness is not too far away.

The waiter who took care of me spoke excellent English with a very fine and educated accent. I had the feeling that he really isn’t a waiter by day. He could be a manager or executive and was just moonlighting as a waiter in the evenings to experience something different.

The restaurant is actually a part of the Little Bay restaurants in the UK (Kilburn, Croydon, Farrington, Battersea and Brighton) and the owner is a Yoguslav immigrant. After his success in the UK he repatriated the concept to his homeland, Serbia. It is now one of the most sought after restaurants in Beograd.

So I first had a welcome drink for myself – the Serbian rakija. The waiter nods in agreement to my choice of first drink.

When dining out I tend to not order the 3-course meals. I find this very heavy, something I am sure would regret at the end of the meal. I prefer to share a starter and just take 1 main meal. No dessert but coffee. But since I am on my own I decided to try a 2-course meal with a light starter.

My starter is a salad – ‘Salad of Prosciutto with artichokes, poached egg, cherry tomatoes and truffle oil’ which was indeed light.

The waiter then suggested a good wine to pair for my main which is – ‘Pithivier of Duck Confit with leeks, marinated cabbage, honey and ginger sauce’. I have forgotten the name of the wine but it was one of the very good ones I have had. The waiter was also the one who suggested the duck confit, which is a signature dish of the restaurant. It was quite good but not as delicious as the duck I have had in Novi Sad. Read here: Duck Composition Lunch at Terasa in Novi Sad

I have decided to have coffee back at my hotel apartment. There is a Nespresso machine on top of the mini bar and I find it such a waste not to use it.

I highly recommend Little Bay in Belgrade to those looking for a different evening dinner + music experience in a restaurant with an exquisite ambiance.

There are balcony booths in the restaurant totally mimmicking an opera hall.

My first drink of the evening, the Serbian rakija.

Salad of Prosciutto with artichokes, poached egg, cherry tomatoes and truffle oil.

An impression of the restaurant from the mirror.

Pithivier of Duck Confit with leeks, marinated cabbage, honey and ginger sauce.

I highly recommend this restaurant in Belgrade.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Stari Grad (Old Town), Belgrade, Serbia

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