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Part Two of “Het Loo Palace”: Baroque Dutch Garden Views from the Palace Rooftop Terrace

There is one thing every visitor should know about the palace’s rooftop terrace – It is not open everyday and you will have to pay for a separate ticket for this.

Bru and I were lucky that when we visited the palace museum, the rooftop terrace was open. We actually did not know about this but when we approached the 300-year old palace, the former residence of the Dutch Royal Family, after having coffee and tea at the Cafe Prins Hendrik Garage at the Stables Square, we noticed people standing on the rooftop of the palace. I knew the views up there must be fabulous so I made a mental note of it.

When we entered the palace, I saw in the garderobe section a note sign that it will cost 1 Euro extra for the guided rooftop visit. Bru and I agreed that we will do the rooftop visit after we have toured the palace (which I will blog next).

Here is what we know so far about the rooftop terrace:
  • Only open during the May vacation weeks and summer months on certain Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Read here: Rooftop View of the Gardens and to make sure, call the palace. 
  • You have to pay 1 Euro at the garderobe and they will give you a pass.
  • This is a strictly guided tour of the rooftop terrace complete with a guide who will walk you through some historical facts about the gardens (only in Dutch though). Those who do not speak Dutch will get an information sheet in English to read.
  • The tours go every half an hour and the meeting place is at the first floor lobby by the clock.
  • The garden views are simply amazing!

I highly recommend to do the visit to the rooftop terrace, so do have a look at the days you are going.

Here is the Google Maps view:

Het Loo Palace is located in Apeldoorn, in the eastern part of the Netherlands, approximately 1 hour (car) and 1.5 hours (train + bus) from Amsterdam.

Read here about the Baroque Dutch Gardens of the Het Loo Palace: The Palace Gardens

Go here to read and see pictures of my previous entry:

The short video I made:

Hope you enjoy the rest of my pictures!

Het Loo Palace (Paleis Het Loo).

Visitors can enjoy the fountains from April to October only.

Views of both sides of the gardens.

Bru and moi and our fabulous view in the background.

The ground of the gardens are made of pebbles so not really that suitable for heels.

Baroque, Dutch style, which is modest compared to French Baroque.

The view to the entrance gate and the wing buildings of the palace.

The gardens on the side of the palace.

The sculptures, gods and goddesses in the gardens are all from Greek mythology.

A hedge maze in progress.

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Apeldoorn (Gelderland), The Netherlands

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