Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Cafe Terrace Street of Novi Sad (Serbia): Zmaj Jovina and Hairdos

The cafe terrace scene in Serbia somehow reminds me of Zagreb, Croatia. It is huge, and this goes for both Novi Sad and Belgrade cities.

In Novi Sad, the biggest cafe terrace scene is at Zmaj Jovina. It is a pedestrianised shopping street lined with commercial shops and restaurants and cafes with rows of outdoor cafe terraces. The whole length of the Zmaj Jovina is lined with cafe terraces.

In Belgrade, a similar shopping street in the centre is home to a string of cafe terraces as well, which reminds me of the cafe terrace scene at Tkalciceva Ulica in Zagreb, Croatia. I will blog the Belgrade terrace spectacle very soon =)

While having coffee here one morning, I noticed several nicely dressed older ladies with big hairdos, thick makeup and retro sunglasses. I have to smile because I can picture myself sitting in a cafe terrace enjoying my cup of coffee or tea (or a glass of chilled bubbly!) when I hit my 60’s and 70’s, although I am not too sure though about the thick make-up and huge hairdo.

You know I had to pause a bit and think about the hairstyles of the older ladies. This must have cost them quite some time to prepare. Here is the fact though. It was just around 11:00 in the morning and they are already hanging out here in Zmaj Jovina. These hardworking ladies for sure have woken up early to do their hairdo and makeup for them to be here at 11:00. Good for them! Helaas, I am too lazy for this. They will remain an inspiration to me.

Did I mention that women in general in Eastern Europe are more feminine and fashionable than their western counterparts? They are also like Asian women, brand/signature conscious.

Anyway, this street is a great place to hang out! Basically, the living room of Novi Sad =)

Oh, I had a cake dinner here as well at Cafe Corso. I was too full from the heavy late lunch I had at the Petravaradin Fortress on my first day in town and I saw the many cafes selling cakes, so I told myself -- why not try it as well? From lunch jumping direct to the evening’s dessert, haha!

Here is the location of Zmaj Jovina:

Zmaj Jovina is a pedestrian street in the centre of town.

Pedestrian street, Zmaj Jovina is a very pretty street and section of Novi Sad.

The Bishop's Palace located at the end of Zmaj Jovina.

A lot of people hang out and walk around here, while others prefer to sit on the sidelines along the cafe terraces.

My morning cappuccino.

Yours truly, my souvenir photo. Luckily I did not forget =)

The 2 older ladies with their glamorous big hairdos, thick make-up and sunglasses.

 A closer look at the hairdo and these girls managed to smile at the camera. Thank you little ladies.

Literally a big outdoor living room with tables and chairs.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Novi Sad (Vojvodina), Serbia

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