Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Outdoor Fish Market (Рибља пијаца) in Novi Sad, Serbia

I am a certified market and supermarket tourist. I would always find ways to go to the local food market and supermarket of the city I am visiting, especially if I am travelling out of the country and when it is a new place in my book.

You see, when we hit food markets and supermarkets of the new city we are visiting, we encounter the local people in their core habitat. We get to experience the privilege of taking a peek into their daily normal lives and what they eat, at least that is how I see it. I am curious about everything! I love discovering new places and things, even a random little thing that might be trivial to someone, can perk up my interest. We are all different and that is a good thing to acknowledge and drink to =)

Here in Novi Sad I got quite lucky, because while I was having a morning stroll in the city, I bumped into the local outdoor market at Trg Republike, just behind Dunavski Park.

I have seen markets evolve with time. This market is called the Fish Market (Рибља пијаца) but these days you rarely see fishmongers here. Not when I was there at least. However, the locals seemed to have kept its old name.

At this market I have learned that Serbians are similar to the Hungarians in terms of their love for paprika. And I mean sweet paprika powder. Spain is another country that produces paprika powder but it is only in Hungary and Serbia that you can heavily see the strong influence of paprika in its cuisine. They use paprika for everything!

Having said this, I bought a small plastic bag of sweet paprika and chillies. I am using them now in my every day cooking and I am sure they will last in the kitchen until next year. So I am quite happy with my find here =)

Another thing I discovered is the pickled cabbage (Sarma). I so love this! I can eat this everyday as a side dish, which is a bit similar in concept to a Korean kimichi or the German sauerkraut. Pickles are a staple in my fridge. When I retire and have more time to do new hobbies, I might have to look into pickling vegetables.

In Serbia as well, I noticed the popularity of the small general merchandise stores. Basically, they are stalls in the market selling all kinds of household stuff. You want a dust pan? Maybe some plastic food container? Or perhaps a set of shower curtains? Just name it, they might just have it for you.

In the market you will also see some cafeterias where you can stop by for a drink.

It is located just behind Dunavski Park and near to the Danube River.

Cafeterias in the fish market.

The general merchandise store in the market.

The open market stalls.

Pre-packed paprika powder and chillies, and local vegetables.

The spring onions are so fresh. They really stood out.

Smoked cured meat, the Serbian way.

This lady is selling cheeses and some toasted bread/biscuit.

The fermented cabbage (Sarma) which is delicious (if you love picked stuff).

How they display their chickens for sale. The innards are placed in the anus of the chicken.

Lots of pickled vegetables!

The sweet paprika powder and chillies I bought from the market.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Novi Sad (Vojvojina), Serbia

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