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Greek Ionian Islands: Ferry Ride from Nydri, Lefkada Island to Meganisi Island

Visiting nearby smaller islands during our Greek island summer holiday is one of the things I always look forward to. We have caught the Greek Islands summer holiday travel bug and we keep coming back summer after summer.

The Meganisi ferry at Nydri Port.

Last year when we were holiday in Kefalonia, we visited the island of Ithaca where we spent a quick visit to its capital, Vathy and then had dinner on the beach in a picturesque bay called Kioni. This year we booked a boat cruise and visited Kastos and Kalamos. I will be posting more about these smaller islands very soon. We also hopped on a ferry with our rental car and sailed to Meganisi.

Meganisi Island is part of Lefkada in the Ionian group of islands.

The ferry to Meganisi calls on 1) Spilia Port (below Spartochori) and 2) Vathi Port. From Nydri it takes approximately 20 minutes sailing time to Spilia. Disembarkation of passengers and vehicles go rather smoothly and fast. Then the ferry sails further for another 10 minutes on to the next port of call, Vathi.

Very important: If your end destination is Vathi then make no mistake of getting off at Spilia!

This is the schedule of the ferry from Nydri Port in Lefkada to Meganisi and Ithaca:

The ferry service runs several times a day during the summer holiday season. The port authorities advised to be at the port 20 minutes before departure time, especially if you are boarding with a vehicle such as a car or camper. This is very much so requested if you are planning the trip during the busy summer peak season as it will be on a first come first serve basis. We arrived half an hour before departure and there was already a queue of vehicles.

Ferry prices are very reasonable. They are going at 1.90 per person and 13.10 per car, all tickets sold one-way. There is no need for reservation or buying tickets in advance. They are sold on the boat.

We took the 12:15 ferry schedule to Meganisi getting off in Vathi Port. Spent some time in Vathi before exploring the island a bit passing by Katomeri, Atheni Marina, Fanari Beach and Spartochori. We had a lovely long late lunch back in Vathi on the harbour before spending the rest of the afternoon and early evening in Spilia Beach. We then took the 19:30 sailing schedule from Spilia Port back to Nydri.

We were very much pleased with this day island excursion and we highly recommend the boat trip to Meganisi to holidaymakers staying in Lefkada island who are looking for new places and islands to discover.

I will be posting pictures and more of our experiences in Meganisi Island very soon!

Loading of cars and trucks in the ferry are done in reverse gear.

At Nydri Port, still loading vehicles.

Nydri Port.

Here is a short video of the ferry leaving Nydri Port:

Bye for now Nydri, see you later tonight!

Fishing boats and sailboats anchored at Nydri Port.

Widowed old Greek women dress up in black. Some wear black stockings and black veils. They are passengers in the ferry.

Dutch mother and moi.

Here we are arriving at Spilia Port in Meganisi, the first port of call.

Ready to disembark in Spilia Port.

Here we have just entered Vathi Port.

I managed to take a short video of our arrivel in Vathi:

Vathi is quite charming!

Vathy harbour waiting for us.

Travel Period: July 2016
Destination: Meganisi (Lefkada – Ionian Islands), Greece

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